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  1. I'm 20 and I'm a Network Administrator at a Marketing Firm in Yardley, PA (10-20 miles outside Philly). Pay is great for a 20 year old. Bought myself a new IS. So nice to see everyone is well and making money.
  2. What is the quietest exhaust thats sounds good? I want an exhaust but I really dont want no loud booming exhaust like hondas and acuras..
  3. http://www.suprastore.com/is300.html Not bad site..check it out.
  4. Anyone going? We can meet up before hand.
  5. What kind of mods can I actually do without jepordizing my warranty? Also does Lexus do any kind of mods for you?
  6. Does the Twin Turbo Stock Turbo Kit from the Toyota Supra fit on to the IS300? I always thought it did but I'm not quite sure. Might sound dumb but I want to know. It's between that and getting a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Bike. Thanks people.
  7. Count me in this time. Last time it rained. Hopefully this time it won't.
  8. Turn your car off. Turn the key to start however do not start it. Look for your mileage little screen push the nob in for 5 secs and it will reset itself.
  9. Automatic I def drive less agg and not as fast. I had a 00 civic si before this I would drive very aggressive.
  10. I also got the dark emblems not chrome which I find to be very nice. Matches my wheels. Only chrome I really got is the exhaust. If you really want to call it that.
  11. I cant wait for this. I want to see all the cars. I hope we have a fun time and get to meet some great people. I'm only 20 tho. I feel like im gonna be one of the youngest. hehe. But we'll see. I got my poster all ready. Name is John by the way..
  12. They are really that different? jesus. I never noticed. I like the sports design i got the gray leather and black exterior.
  13. Is this the list from this site? Because if it is you forgot me!
  14. We all know the IS comes 5-speed automatic. But which do you have? I have the Auto. The reason I got auto is because I just had manual and didnt feel like drivin stick no more. Traffic is a manual drivers worst friend. I just hated down shifting so many times over and over. Also didn't make sense to me to get a Lexus in manual. It might be the lower end Lex but still Luxury. Also it has the manual E-Shift. I prefer no clutch. But lets here other opinions on this....
  15. Who would want there taillights chrome and shiny? lol no offense to anyone. But sure would not want that. The exhaust tip might be bigger. Not sure.
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