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  1. I dont know if you guys read my other post, I am having trouble starting my car after an engine swap. I am wondering if there is a fuel pump fuse or is the efi fuse the same thing? I noticed one relay and 2 fuses under the hood driver side. Are there anymore? I am wondering because I am getting no spark, but I have fuel pressure. Most cars I have dealt with havee a fuel pump fuse, so you can have pressure, but the injectors will not fire if the efi fuse is dissconnected. Where did all the lexus techs go?
  2. Hey guys, I have no spark on my 01 ls430. I have fuel pressure but I dont smell fuel from my exhaust after many cranks. Anyone know the locations of all the fueses and relays for the efi? How common are ecu's going bad? My engine overheated and I basically condemed it after finding shavings in the oilpan. I got a 03 ls430 engine from a junkyard. I hooked everythign back up and now I dont get any spark. I reused the coilpacks from my origional engine, they were working. Any advise for a new lexus tech? I am pretty sure its an efi fuse, anyone have locations on all the fuses and relays for the efi? I remember working on this one Toyota, and there was this big relay that costed $80 from the dealer. It was under the dash, but that was an 98 Avalon if I remember correctly. What about a 01 ls 430?
  3. I dont have a manual, so anyone with info on differnt relays and fuses involved with the efi would b great. So far I have only found the ones in the engine bay. Are tehere any under the dash or kick panel?
  4. Hey, I got a 01 ls430 that overheated. The heads are warped and there was a piece of metal in my oilpan that looked like steel wool. So I went to a local junkyard and got a 03 ls430 engine. The accident it was in cracked the front oil pump cover, so I swaped over my oil pump cover. Anyways, make a long story shorter, after my engine swap, my engine has no spark, and I dont even think the injectors are firing because after many cranks I dont smell fuel in the exhaust. It has fuel pressure though. We did pull out the 3 fuses in the fuse box under the hood driver side front so we could prime the engine. The efi main relay and efi 1 and efi 2 fuses. I wasnt sure if i damaged it when I put it back in with the key still "on" position. I heard it click like 3 times really fast. It seems ok when I used small jumper wires and powered the relay. I heard a "click". Is there anything else I should check? I remember there was a toyota I worked on that was getting no fuel, and the problem was this huge $80 relay under the driver dash. So yeah, no spark on both banks, I reused the coilpacks form my overheated engine, and almost all other sensors are off the engine I got from the junkyard engine that was involved in a crash. One more quick question, Near the oilfilter, I have one 2 wire plug that is not connected. One is for the oil filter assembley and one is for the crank pulley, but one of them I dont know where I took it out from, or if it wasnt plugged in the first place. I also noticed I could not find the wire that plugs into the steering rack. Its the fully loaded model with air bag suspension with all the options. Thanks in advance
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