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  1. FuZe, Tried your link to the wiring diagram, but it does not seem to exist.... have you any other suggestions as I need to get hold of a copy of the wiring diagrams for a 2006 Lexus SC430? Thanks! well you can pay for 24 hr worth of access here and download. kind of a pain. https://techinfo.toyota.com/techInfoPortal/appmanager/t3/ti?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=ti_home_page&SMENC=ISO-8859-1&SMLOCALE=US-EN&SMAUTHREASON=0&SMAGENTNAME=%24SM%24mT%252bGLraBu9CwUVnZg4mEDzB2kysT90hgbwsWgdZzNOc%253d&TARGET=%24SM%24https%3A%2F%2Ftechinfo.toyota.com%2F
  2. well i was in the maintenance screen and hit the wrong soft button. now the navigation system always comes up half in english half in japanese saying i need to insert the correct program disc. i have read online in some of the forums that inserting a disc with newer firmware version will correct this. so i would like to try someones 9.1 disc to see if it corrects this before shelling out the $200-$300 for a new disc. note i am not looking to copy someones disc because that will not work for a 2002 unit anyway. again looking to borrow gen 2/3 nav disc rev 9.1 to try in 2002 sc430. it wont hurt your disc. just need for about a half hour. otherwise i am seriously considering upgrading the whole damn stereo to get NAV/DVD/SAT/MP3 rather than pay $300 for mediocre nav upgrade that may or may not work.
  3. 2002 sc430 with original disc. upgraded to 7.1 data disc for gen 2/3. all works except for entering destination by address. search area is not loaded. does not show north america map or give any option to change the search area. why? any way to force firmware update?
  4. really just need the touchscreen controller which is actually IR located in the bezel around the display unit. so just need the bezel. if the screen is dead or cracked that is great because i don't want to pay for a working screen as my display is fine. jus the right side of the touchscreen is bad. at least i hope it is not the electronics buried behind the actual screen. no schematics for the internals so don't know for sure without swapping parts in/out.
  5. ok i have tried OEM ver 1.0 and 2.1 discs and get the same result. it seems the right hand side of the touchscreen is usually inactive. i say usually because for a brief period it was working. of course it is not now so i am stuck on the "CAUTION" screen again as it won't recognize me hitting the "i agree" button. is it likely the actuall touchscreen, cabling, or nav unit that is having the problem?
  6. I just got a deal on a 2002 sc430 but am having issues with the nav system. when inserting the disk (version 2.1) it says it checking disk and then pops up the CAUTION screen on which you can choose english or french. I can switch between them no problem but it will not recognize when i hit the "I Agree" button. nothing else will work. how do i get past this?