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  1. Display

    When I start up the car the Display shows the NAV screen (Language and Agree). Is there anyway to set it so the Radio shows at start up?
  2. Lexus Park Assist

    2007 GS 350. And yes, now that you pointed it out to me it does have the same control. Turning off for the winter. thanks
  3. Is there any way to turn this off? I live in NY and the sensors get frozen and the beeping stays on constantly when driving and I cannot clear sensors. This is quite annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Does anyone have the same problem as me with Dunlop run flats which keep bubbling? I do city driving and when I hit a pothole sure enough the tire bubbles. Is this common? What alternative tires would you recommend? I'm in NY and need all season tires. Thanks
  5. My Brakes went at 11,000 miles but were covered by warranty. I agree they shhould last much longer.
  6. Is it just me or has anyone noticed there are many repairs/bulletins on this car/Model? So far, New front Brakes at 11,000 miles, new Battery at 12,000 miles, New Rear view Mirror because it Vibrated when moon Roof open and now rattling on Front Dash Board when Cold...Dealer has been fantastic but this is excessive in my mind for a high quality car.
  7. Has anyone noticed their Rear View Mirror vibrates when then drive on the highway with the Moonroof open?