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  1. I purchased a 2002 RX300 in 2005 with 31,000 miles from Carmax. After a month or so the engine oil light came on and I found that I was about 3 quarts low. I added oil and started checking the oil at 1000 mile intervals. It was using 1.5 quarts of oil. There were no oil leaks. I did notice that after the car sat overnight when I started it a large cloud of blue smoke came out of the exhaust. It would clear up very quickly. I received the engine jell notice and took it to the dealer. I explained to them that the oil consumption was excessive that is why I brought it in for the Jell inspection. They caled me back and said the car did not have the jell problem and they were surprised by how clean the oil was on the dip stick. I asked then what is causing the oil consumption and they basicly blew me off with a "we have no idea" rsponse. I have continued to check the oil every time we purchase gas. I changed to Valvoline 20w50 which seem to slow the usage. I feel like I am driving an old junker checking the oil every time! I took it in to a local repair facility to have them inspect it for the problem. They found some sludge or jell and said they belive that it has the problem and it was also effecting the PVC system. Does anyone know what may be causing this problem since I have noticed other owners are having the same problem. Is Lexus investigating this problem?