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  1. well i figured everything out okay to start from my spark plugs fouled so i replaced them and when i replaced them i guess i put one of the ignition wires to close to the engine and it rubbed and melted it. so i replaced my wires and still didnt fix anything.. but what happened is when the wire melted it grounded out and destroyed my driver sided router and shorted out my ignitor so i replaced my carps and routers again and my ignitor and no my car runs perfect..
  2. alright well i brought my car down to a local mechanic that was recommended to me and their keeping my car over night until tomorrow and there going to test everything and see what could be wrong.. but im thinking its the fuel pump because on my way to the mechanic my car sputtered and stalled(no check engine light) started it back up drove 10 ft and it died and it wouldnt start after that, so i believe my fuel pump stoped working. do you think my no power, misfiring and glowing cats could be from a bad fuel pump?
  3. " i dumped a bunch of injector cleaner.." A BUNCH...??!! At 178,000 miles the catalyst might have very well been on its last "legs" and the BUNCH of injector cleaner may have very well pushed it over the edge. It is not at all unusual at high mileage for the honeycomb structure of the catalyst to break apart and and begin clogging the exhaust outflow. It is HOWEVER pretty unusual for both to fail simultaneously. What do the directions on the injector cleaner container say about this possibility...?? a bunch means i put in a full bottle for up to 25gallonsand it doesnt say anything on the bottle about harming the cats plus my exhaust seems to be flowing just fine..
  4. I replaced the top coil but not the bottom one yet. ya i figured that they were glowing from a misfire. it has no power period theres enough to move and if i floor it it barely climbs speed and rpms its accelerates like an increasing idle i takes half a mile to get to 40mph also if the car is in park or neutral and idling and i hit the pedal it slowly rises in rpms but if its at about a 1000rpms its a little bit more responsive.. the only things i can think of is i need to change my spark plugs again and i need to change caps and rotors, replace the bottom coil, clean the throttle body, maybe use some sea foam to clean out the carbon in the engine. so im gonna do all this today hopefully and see if it changes anything, but if not all be down at lextech tomorrow. I've already changed the fuel filter, air filter, mass airflow meter(sensor also includes intake temp sensor). I know my ac is going bad because it whines with rpms, but i don't think this will affect any of this. and my power steering pump had a leak so i put stop leak in it and that was 35000miles ago so i doubt that would be the problem also about 7000 miles ago i had the engine removed and flushed but there were no problems after that. i have sub woofers and stuff so the alternator maybe strained to much but it doesn't make any noises that i can find and the if i unplug the battery while the car is running it stays running, so i assume the alternator is still good. on my passenger side cat it is missing the front top bolt but it has been missing that for a while so i doubt that has anything to do with it. also as i stated earlier the gas problems and the metal rattling and jingling noises and the ticking coming from the top front if the engine. all my fluids seem good i just recently changed my oil i used quaker state high millage 10w30, and i used a k&N high performance filter and i dont think that any of my problem came from this because i have been using the same oil and oil filter types since 75,000miles and im now at 178,000. i had the trani oil changed when the engine was flushed but i was told that the metal rattling(not the jingling) could be from the trani and all id need to do is empty the pan and add new toyota trani oil.. the exhaust seems to be in good shape its not rusted anywhere. the fans on the engine all work and my radiator is working fine, i checked all my fuses and they seem to be good i had a mechanic check the cars computer for fault codes and the only codes that came up were the maf and i replaced that. also the exhaust is blowing out good on both pipes i can feel quite a bit of exhaust moving out of them while the car is idling it does not seem restricted in any way. the engine shakes a little because of the misfiring but not a lot. also there is a sulfur smell the smell of burning cats but this is only while there glowing so obviously theres gas burning in them. the car never over heats it runs below the middle, there is stp injector cleaner and stp gas treatment in my gas tank along with 93 gas and its at 3/4 of a tank. if it sits for a few days and i start it up it will blow white smoke for a minute or two but then returns to normal. the wires in the trunk seemed to have already been taped up by the previous owner. i know there is a lot here but i want you to know everything i know so that maybe you can tell me what might be wrong..
  5. Why not stay with top tier suppliers? Another tip ... don't fill up when you see a supply tanker filling the station's tanks. The process stirs up all the crap at the bottom of the tanks which winds up in your tank! And don't fill up at a station that has rusty or corroded pumps. Chances are very good the tanks are in similar condition. Why are you driving around on empty? You're sucking up any crud that might be at the bottom of your tank and sending it through your system. This only serves to clog up your filter and everything downstream from there if the filter can't handle it. Keep at least a quarter tank at all times. I think you might benefit from getting an estimate rather than spending a lot of money guessing at the problem. well let the car sit and it started up again and the check engine light was off, but there is a rattle coming from the underneath of the car near the cats. the cats glow at the elbow so obviously gas is being dumped into them because its building up and only burning at the elbow. and the car is still misfiring so im assuming that there is still an ignition problem. also when i rev it between 1000 and 1500 rpms theres a metal jingling sound almost as if metal shavings are going down my exhaust.. also from the right upper front of the engine there is a slight ticking sound almost like something sparking. there is also a rattle coming from i believe somewhere behind the engine and it does not usually start until after the car warms up, but i think its just a rattling shield. I can post a video of the car running if that may help determine my problem. also my fuel filter was just changed before these problems arose so i doubt that contaminated gas clogged it. if i can figure it out today im going to have it towed down to Lextech Automotive inc in naples because they are the best that ive herd of for working on lexus vehicals. its hard to find a good lexus mechanic around here..
  6. i bought some bad gas which fouled my spark plugs but before i figured out the spark plugs were fouled i dumped a bunch of injector cleaner in the gas tank and it didnt fix any thing. i replaced the plugs and it ran fine then the nest day i was driving around and i almost hit empty when my car started sputtering like it was out of gas. so i went home and i replaced my ignition wires, maf, air filter,oil,radiator flush and ignition coils. none of that fixed anything.i noticed the cats were glowing and the engine was randomly misfiring in random cylinders, so i tried to see if i left it running at 2000rpms for about 10min when the check engine light came on then the car stalled and then stoped working...
  7. i live in punta gorda and i need a good but relatively inexpensive lexus mechanic to fix my problems.. or if there is any one on here that is good with the 89-94 ls400's that could help me figure out what is wrong and how to fix it and i can compensate you for your time..
  8. I bought a duralast ignition wire set from autozone for $100 the other day to replace my existing ignition wire because one of the wires was melted but it didnt fix any of my problems so i spent a ton of money at mechanics where they tried to fix my car because it had no power and it misfired randomly so i finally went and ordered the OEM wire set from Lexus parts worlds website and its only $116.20 plus shipping on their website for the original lexus wires!! and the new lexus wires fixed all my problems about $1000 later. so the moral of the story is buy OEM everything when working on a lexus!!
  9. well the mechanic i only paid for the advise and the computer stuff(because i normally work on American cars and this electrical stuff gets tricky on these Japaneses cars..)i put all exsisting stock parts back on the car except the ignition wires,(because i threw out the old ones), spark plugs, and top ignition coil(because old one was cracked) and it still runs exactly the same rough idle and no power with random misfires. I am going to take the wires out and test the resistance so if anyone may know what it should be at that would be helpful. I went to lexus today and the mechanic said that it was most likely my wires because lexus' are very picky(he never saw my car because he charged a heavty fee to look at it lol)
  10. well the check engine light has not come on and now that i reset the computer in the car the mechanic has found no error codes, but he did recomend using oem ignition wires to see if thall fix the problem and he said if the wire melted it may have gorunded out? i dont know what this would do or how to fix it..
  11. the timing is not off also the engine had no problems after it wars flushed it ran perfect. the iac has not been touch and is working properly. My problems started occurring a few days after i changed my plugs, and when i went to check to se if i could figure out the problem i noticed one of the plug wires had a chunk melted off of it exposing the wire, so i replaced the wires with duralast wires and this made no difference in th performance it probably made it worse. :( so i hooked a computer to it and it told me there was a bad mass air flow meter and intake temp thing was bad so i replaced it and i replaced one of the ignition coils do to me being told it could be that but it made no difference. also the misfiring is random in random cylinders and its not a gas problem, because my catylac converters will glow from the non burnt gas dumping into them. and it does the same thing with the original plugs and the bosh platinum 2, and the bosh fusion iridium plugs i bought because i thought the platinum 2's had gone bad. i was told that high end cars like this are very picky with after market parts so i am under the impression that the duralast wire need to be replaced with oem. i replaced the after market caps and rotors with the original ones, but i already threw away the original wire set so its to late to salvage them but hopefully oem wires will fix the problem.
  12. where exactly is the iac? becasue i already replace the mass air flow meter becasue it went bad..
  13. well i put in the new ignition coil and i still have the same problem just not as bad, but therewas a wierd metal rattling in which i never did find out where it was coming from, but do you think the random missing could be because i have a duralast ignition wireset and bosch spark plugs instead of the oem ignition wire set and denso plugs? because i read that people had problems with aftermarket ignition parts and problems with bosch
  14. well i put in the new ignition coil and i still have the same problem just not as bad, but therewas a wierd metal rattling in which i never did find out where it was coming from, but do you think the random missing could be because i have a duralast ignition wireset and bosch spark plugs instead of the oem ignition wire set and denso plugs? because i read that people had problems with aftermarket ignition parts and problems with bosch
  15. any one know what i should do about the whole where my existing stock sub was? should i just buy a new stock cover or should i seal it and close it off? my interior is blue.. the reason the stock sub is gone is i have 4 15" kicker l7's in my trunk :P
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