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  1. How too replace high mounted stoplight - 1998 ES300 1. Slide the cover straight forward (toward you) to release the latches - they are two latches at rear of the cover); I used two screwdrivers, one at each side, to pull the cover forward out. 2. Lift cover up 3. Twist out (counter clockwise) bulb socket - same bulb type as tail stoplight 4. Push the socket back in - align one larger slot to push the socket back in
  2. My es300 died while turning corner. I read the club posts and learned that the problem might have to do with idle control valve. The repair shop (not dealer) also recommended a major tune up (replace spark plug, ignition wires and clean injectors) to fix the problem. Since this car has 90K miles on it, so I also had timing belt replaced there. It costs me close to 2K total. A lot of money, but I am hoping it will last for several more years. After all of these have been done, I noticed that humming noise coming from under hood when car is in idle. I took the car to the repair shop and they adj
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