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  1. I now have 50k on my 2007 GX and love the car. When I purchased NEW back in 07' the buying process took months to find a KDSS. I was sure I wanted the added capabilities of the KDSS system on my car for handling. Well after 50k I will say that the system is great and something I would not go without in the GX. Unfortunately I have had my rig at the dealer so much I also feel like the owner of a 400h and 2010 RX. I have had taken my car in after weeks of noticing how crooked it drove and parked to have them tell me it is within spec at 3/4 inch off. To then later go back when my KDSS light comes on only after idling in Park for 10 min. This time, the 4th I believe, they had a diagnose code and 18 hrs labor into it have replaced 3 parts and said I was better than New. The tech notes have documented conversations with not only Lexus but also the design team ultimately responsible. The books they had were wrong etc on how to fix. Well I now have the car at home and after giving the system I little work and testing to make sure my handling and feel was good I find that it is still 3/4 an inch crooked. The kicker is the right side of the vehicle is always the low side. Never is it the left side where the KDSS equip is on both the front and back. After 6k in warranty work my sh*t is still crooked. 3/4 of an inch low on the Passanger side Permanately is such a nuissance to me and as a percentage of ground clearance is a unacceptable number IMO. I can visually see it while driving. At this point I either have a lemon or all KDSS models, the few that are out there, roll crooked. I have already looked on the web for a low mile 07 LandCruiser as a possible Option. I love the GX but this is very frustrating. If the car was left then right I would have no issue but to alwasy be the same side is just ridiculous. Any others have the KDSS and notice this?