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  1. Thanks guys. Just did my 96 es300. Wouldn't have the courage to do it without your detailed instructions. Local garage said it was a $200 job. Ed
  2. I am experiencing the same pulsating ABS feeling at low speed brakeing on dry pavement with my 1996 ES300 with 167,000 miles. Anybody have any idea what needs to be done to correct this? Thanks. Ed
  3. Problem solved. All 3 motor mounts were bad and had to be replaced. No more "clunk". Ed
  4. My 1996 es300 has 151,000 miles and drives like a dream. I have one small problem which I hope isn't a sign of a large future problem. If I'm on the gas and hit about 42 or 43 miles per hour and suddenly come off the gas, I hear a slight "clunk". It sounds and feels like it's the transmission. Has anybody experienced this and, if so, is it a sign of a big problem down the road? Thanks in advance for any comments. Ed
  5. cduluk - thanks, it's good to know that it's not a dashboard replacement. Here's what I found elsewhere about how to access the bulbs: unhook neg batt. cable. remove two screws in top of plastic bezel. remove bezel. remove 4 screws holding cluster in place. lower steering wheel. slightly move cluster forward. undue 5 male connections on back. remove cluster. remove screws on plastic cover on back of cluster-put aside. remove 16 screws on circut board. lift up and out of the way slightly. unscrew 8 green-based bulbs. wiggle each bulb out of base and replace with eiko part # 74. reasmble. done
  6. About half are out. I guess 14 years is a long time for any bulb. Are they easy to replace? Any info or suggestions are welcome. Ed
  7. THANKS. I was able to do it from the engine compartment even though it was a VERY tight fit. I used a flat screwdriver to depress the tab on the harness and pulled the harness free. Then I used (don't laugh) a vice grip plier to begin the counterclockwise rotation of the bulb assembly. Once begun I could finish the 1/2 inch rotation to align the tabs and remove the buld. Replacing the bulb was easy. I just lined uo the tabs on the bulb assembly and pushed the bulb into place; rotated the assemble about 1/2 inch clockwise and reattached the wiring harness. I'm proud of myself that I didn
  8. I have searched the forum but can't find what are the steps in changing the headlight low beam bulb on the passanger side of a '96 ES300. Do I just pull on the housing to disconnect it from the bulb or is there a tab that has to be pushed or pulled before I can do that. All other steps involved are appreciated. It's a very small working area and I don't want to break anything. Thanks. Ed
  9. 96 es300: 1. The location of the oil filter. Even when the Lexus dealer changes the oil, I find that oil drips on my garage floor. First time that happened I thought there was something seriously wrong and brought the car back for inspection. 2. Wind noise around the door windows. 3. Dealer's service area trying to sell me all sorts of expensive maintenance.
  10. Try spraying Lyson into the air intakes wile the fan is on High. That should alleviate some of the problem at least for a while.
  11. Be sure to look at the date the tires were manufactured. There's a 4 digit code on the tire. First 2 digits are the week and last 2 (98; 99; 00; 01; etc.) are the year when the tires were made. Don't buy old tires being sold as new. Ed
  12. I have the same problem with my 96ES300. I don't smoke but often do want to plug something into my lighter (like an air compressor). Hoping that someone has an answer. Ed
  13. Please replace as soon as possible - it's a safety issue in my mind. A number of years ago a truck splashed snowy, slushy, mud on my windshield and if not for good wipers and lots of washer fluid, I would have driven blind for more seconds than I care to think about. Ed
  14. I have only done this once but I don't recall having to do anything but pull the plastic cover forward to get to the bulb. The cover is on tight so I used a small flat screwdriver (with tape on it to prevent window damage) and slowly wedged the plastic cover forward. Good luck. Ed
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