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  1. You don't say how many miles - but assuming it is over 100K you need struts! Also check the setting of your ride control if you have it. I've got a 2007 V8 I bought in 2011 for about $35K. The GX470 supposedly is the best 4 wheel drive because it's on a 4-Runner frame (the best 4 wheel drive vehicle) Michelin tires are the best I've had on it, however the last time I went with some new Good Years that are a close at 2/3rds the price of Michelins.
  2. Sounds like we have similar methods - I bought a 2007 GX470 about 3 years ago and had few issues. Mine sometimes has a small kick in the transmission when starting off though. Been like that for years and mechanics found nothing worth fixing. I found a loose chromed plastic part on the drivers side luggage rack rail. There's about a (guessing) 4" end cap piece at the front of the rail. I couldn't tighten it so I siliconed it. Glad I found it or it would have flown off for sure. I bought Weathertech custom floor and cargo mats that really add to the looks and utility. The fit nice. Had some missing fasteners on the plastic cowling engine & radiator covers. heres what I found and purchased from mylparts.com search: GX470 clip push-pin retainer fastener cover rivet Front above the Radiator - 12 nos - 90467-08217 Right side over the Air Filter - 5 nos - 90467-07117 Left side Driver Side - 4 nos - 90467-06155 ( Push button Type)
  3. I need to remove the front bumper of my 2007 GX460 to remove a dent. Should I be concerned about the air bag sensor? Does anyone have a drawing of all the screws I need to replace or an explanation on how to accomplish this?