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  1. Need to replace or repair plug for alternator any ideas what my options are?
  2. Is there a different uninstalling procedure for the 92 LS400 idle air control an the 94 LS400 because on the 94 you cant unscrew the cap to clean it but on the 92 you can need some feedback on that? :cries:
  3. My lexus Ls tends to idle erraticly some time when i come to a full stop the tach keep going up an down like it wants to stall.what is causing this?
  4. Sunroof opens normally but when i push the switch for it to close all the way it closes but it doesn't tilt up to level with the exterior roof any ideas?
  5. I have a 1994 lS400 how do you diagnose the leak?
  6. I just want to know where's the idle valve located on that car an how do you replace it an whats the cost for the parts?
  7. Where can i find or purchase the switch to tilt the seat up/down mind is broken left driver lower left control?
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