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  1. i can tell you according to several ase certified techs i have spoken to. all claim it should have premium fuel. the 87 octane thing is pure marketing/sales tactic. re; your question on using 87 octane it wont really hurt it. but it is not going to run like it has the potential too.
  2. I believe to hold the button for just a few seconds after the windows or sunroof are cycled is indeed the reset procedure I just did this today because it was not automaticly stopping when in closed position. Turn your key on,press and hold the tilt switch. The moon roof will tilt up,close,open all the way,and then close all the way at which point you release the switch and your finished.Its called the initial programing process or something.
  3. There's been a lot of discussion in this forum about the transmission woes of the RX300. Since it is likely that your trade-in value will suffer from the condition of the transmission, the least expensive route is obviously to have the transmission repaired (check with Lexus if Lexus USA might help or assist in the cost - they refused for me but might consider it given your mileage and if you always serviced the car at Lexus). If the rest of the car is in very good condition (likely considering the low mileage for the age) and you (or your wife) really like it.... I would recommend you keep it. But then - what do I know about the future>?? And make sure they use the updated planetary gear set.
  4. And another possability > (quoted from RonsRX) Double check the hose that comes off the airbox. It can appear to be connected to the airbox, but is really disconnected from the tube that runs to the rear of the vehicle.
  5. re setting the ecm after cleaning might be a good idea as well.
  6. Right,but the GC is almost a 40 weight. With a CST of 12.1
  7. Good point newton. Are you a BITOGER TOO/..... :D
  8. Do you mean spark plugs? I'm a car noob. If I need to replace the plugs (very unlikely), and clean the MAF sensor, any idea how much will it take? I don't want to go to the dealer any more. Thank you! What grade fuel are you using?
  9. Just curious: why would you want to try German Castrol oil when so many good oils (syn. & dino) are available here? Honestly, the fact that these motors are a hot running motor. And I like the idea of the added protection the GC offers. I`m using PP (Pennzoil Platinum) right now. Then I might try it. The people in the first generation RX swear by it.
  10. I`m thinking about trying it in my 05. I tried it in my 01 RX 300,and the cold engine performance seemed to suffer a little. The 330 is supposed to have better oil passages etc. what do you guy`s think?
  11. I really like the smooth ride you get from Monroe`s. I have used Monroe`s in my past vehicles,and alway`s a nice ride.
  12. Thanx for the reply. I`m sure you can tell that I just needed a little re-assurance.