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  1. can you just get the bulbs from the IS or new GS and swap them into a first gen? Sorry to hijack your thread
  2. i ran the carfax...it has a salvage title...that would do it... i asked the dealer. they said it was hit on the passenger side by a minivan and recently fixed. it drives ok, but he said the B-pillar had to be replaced, so i am VERY cautious. i havent totally ruled it out yet, but... ← I picked up mine for 6 with 124k, just about perfect condition, 110k maint. done, clean title...its got 130 now and i am very, very happy with it. I would say find another, the salvage will KILL you on resale value to anyone who's not a moron, and once they become this cheap, they hold their value very well, turning out to be a great investment
  3. I dont think it looks too bad at all, plus you can also add spacers
  4. I too suggest keeping the TCS on, seeing as when its raining and i take it off, the car gets sideways any time i try to turn, and bringing back a 3000+ pound car from a full out drift isnt the easist thing to do :D
  5. yea, the bolt pattern is the same, I got some tires that are the same diamater tire, so the spare works fine with it. I also used the stock gs lugs and locks, but they look terrible and i need some new ones. When you get the tires put on, you will deff. need them balanced, and an allignment wouldnt hurt. Mine drives great with the new wheels, and I just swapped them out, but some spacers in the rear are soon to come. (Note:i have them on a first gen, but the 2nd gen pattern is still 5x114.3)
  6. to ask a benz question but its pretty general so maybe some of you could help me out.well, i was driving my aunts ML320 today and stopped and shut the car off, when i came back and turned it on, the "bose" display that shows up on the Navi screen did not show up as usual, but all the buttons were luminated. Any guesses on whats the problem, and what should I do, if its somethin easy like a fuse ill just switch it, but anything much more might as well just take it to the dealer cus its still under warranty. Any help would be appreciated. ;)
  7. Another thing to check that a lot of shops miss is that a lot of rotor machining equipment leaves the rotor with a dirrectional finish, which causes the pad to form a spiral like scoring, and each time the brake is applied the pads slide up as if you were tightening a screw, and then have to release to slide back down, which causes pulsation during braking. All you have to do is by hand take sand paper and leave a nondirectional finish by rubbing it in ovals, sort of like buffing a car. just an easy tip that can save you a lot of hastle in the long run :)
  8. Jay Z is drivin a first gen GS in one of his newer songs, I dont know the name, because I think he's jackass.
  9. i'd do a nice suspension set up first... et=1% car power, 1% driver skill, and 98% traction.. :)
  10. Thanks for the advice I'm pretty sure im gonna go slotted, the IS300 wheels show the rotors pretty well, and I love how they look. I should have some pics up in a couple weeks..
  11. well, my stock rotors are too warped to turn, so its time for a new set of rotors... my mechanic quoted me for 175 a pair, for blank rotors. i looked around a little online, and found these:cross drilled and slotted rotors which would be about 200 a pair(after CD'd and slotted combo + clear coat), and are suposed to work fine with original pads/calipers. My question is, does anyone have any experience with these rotors? They seem a bit cheap for good rotors, but that could just be me. I'd love to get the CD'd and slotted, but am worried about poor quality and reliability? What do you think? all suggestions welcome, thanks!
  12. whew... thats a high price for a car in that condition... 10k should get you a lot of lexus
  13. you could always try an SC or GS if you're looking for sporty/fun drivability
  14. it'll be hard to get the hp/tq of the V8 with bolt ons... Turbo is going to be your most efficent way of getting comparable (probably much more) power to a V8. low end torque will never be like that of the v8, but boost it, and I doubt you'll ever look back :)
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