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  1. Same here!Got em off ebay and put them on and they still work fine.
  2. I used it to keep the A/C on my 91 Caddy alive for a few months last year.!st can lasted about 3 months with each subsequent refill lasting a shorter period.
  3. I did this to my Cadillac last year while I was on a trip and it worked fine.
  4. Do a search for tilt steering problems and you should find your solution.The gear has slipped off the shaft and you will need to add a few hose washers to it to get it to mate up again.Easy fix that only takes about 20 minutes to accomplish.I did it to my 95 a few months ago and everything works fine again.Good luck
  5. How about a salvage yard!I have a black 95 and for the price of the handle I will throw in the rest of the car too!Good Luck
  6. I am in the Sunshine state also!Mine does the same thing although it is less frequent than when I bought my 95 a few months ago.Slight smack on the top of dash usually wakes it up.I probably look like I have anger management issues though driving down the road hitting my dash.LOL
  7. I was thinking the same thing!Last time I checked,Lexus wasn't offering the tandem axle option on the 400!
  8. My 95 Ls takes a CR2016.Just take cover off and swap in new one and snap back in place and good to go.WalMart didn't carry it but CVS had it for $5 out the door!
  9. Congrats!Most of us would kill for a low mile one like that
  10. Green was all we had for years and we survived!Get it swapped with the next flush.As an aside,I drive a 18 wheeler for a living and we used red coolant in our fleet when we purchased 04' Freightliners and the coolant actually etched the cylinder liners causing major engine damage to about 25 of them.I am not sure who the supplier was but after that episode I am not too hot on the red stuff!
  11. I had the same problem with my 95.Took both lenses off and replaced both bulbs.Also bought new lenses off ebay to replace the tired ones that were cracked in a few places.Looks great from the outside but corner lights still don;t work.Getting tired of fixing this used one that I bought a few months ago so I am letting it sit and will get to it when I am in a better frame of mind.
  12. 101000 on my 95!Guess I better change the break-in oil soon.LOL
  13. i would like to know how and what size washers to put on the wheel,mines went out on me when replacing p/s pump and re-connecting my altenator/battery!it wouldn't come down when inserting the key in the ignition,need help,i feel like i'm driving a school bus!!!!!!!!! HELP ME SOMEONE????? :( I recently had to add 2 washers to mine.I purchased 2 rubber hose washers from Ace hardware for 42cents.Spent about 15 minutes taking it apart and puting back together and was back in business.The gear eventually gets pushed past the drive and loses contact.The washers bring it out so the gear meshes again.Make sure you use some lube on the gear when you put back together.I am no mechanic as I have stated before but anyone can do this job.Dealer won't repair but will replace the whole assembly for about $800
  14. How did you make out with your code 21?I have the same problem with my 95
  15. For a 4 wheel brake job I paid $870.Included was 1 caliper replacement plus 2 new rear rotors.Midas did the job for me while I was on road in NY.I used them because of their warranty.Expensive but I know it was done right
  16. Oh yea!My tach and speedo needle stick a few times a week too.I use the rap on the dah routine too!
  17. Sounds like you got a steal my friend!Congrats!I had Lakeland Toyota do my timing belt service along with the water pump,thermostat,plugs and cam seals which were beginning to leak.Also had both tensioners replace!Had it for a day but gave me a loaner.Using Lexus parts it came to $1390 which I thought was a little steep.I also believe Kendall Toyota in Miami area had done some work for a previous owner
  18. Just back from NY and my mpg was 27.7 on 1 tank and 27.3 on a 2nd tank.That was with regular unleaded and speeds of 65 to 72 mph with the cruise on about 70% of the time.Not too shabby for a 101000 mile 95 model.!
  19. It also helps if you can find a really small person with small arms and hands that you can direct to do the work for you. They fit into the trunk a lot better than large types and their short arms make it easy to get at the harness. So instead of aspirin, you can concentrate on the beer. My 95 works perfectly but I did the 2 aspirin and a cold beer just to be sure!LOL
  20. Even though this is an old post,I am a newbie and performed this fix to my 95 which would not tilt anymore.I used 2 hose washers which cost me all of 43 cents and in about 20 minutes I was good to go.Thanks for the informative pics and taking the time to share this info with the board. :D
  21. Getting so $80 fillups are not filling it up anymore.
  22. Today I'm having an independent in the Orlando area change the timing belt on my wife's 2000. Check with me in a couple of days. Hi Dark Horse.I just had Lakeland Toyota change it for me yesterday.I also had them do the waterpump and both tensioners.Along with a fresh thermostat and replacing the cam seals too which were starting to leak.They charged a little over $1300 which I thought was high but they were convenient to me and gave me a loaner car for the day.I was nervous about driving it with the original belt on it. Hopefully I can get another 100000 miles out of it and can complain about changing it ;) again
  23. I had a case of the missing cabin air filter also on my 95!I went to replace it and found that it was missing.No wonder the cabin had a funny smell.I also replaced my girlfriends filter on her 01 Avalon.It was the original filter and it was nasty.I guess they really do make a difference
  24. Hi Chris, Fellow Floridian here.Sorry to hear about the paint fade.Shop around at a few body shops and I am sure you can find one much cheaper than that.My speedometer needle does the same thing as yours.It sometimes sticks and then springs back to life.I have just gotten used to it.Sounds like a short with the windows.
  25. Yikes!I am about to make a trip to the Island on Monday! :o
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