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  1. It all just depends on your "comfort level"...if you're not comfortable with it, do you have a local mechanic who does the routine maintenance on it, that you could have take a look at it, or do you normally take it to a dealership to have everything taken care of? My father taught me how to do oil changes and routine maintenance when I was 12 years old...the minor, easy stuff. While I'm FAR from an ASE certified mechanic, I've learned how to do things myself over the years (I'll be 56 next month). We just traded my wife's '09 RX 350 in on her '16 RX...otherwise, I'd go out to the garage and i
  2. This may require removing the seat and disassembly/reassembly or replacement of the seat track system. Not sure of the construction, but there may be a roll-pin or rivet or other piece of securing hardware that has failed, allowing this rail to move rearward from it's normal location. Personally, I'd unbolt the seat tracks from the floor, remove the seat and compare the broken side to the still-intact side to determine the point of failure and replace with a suitable replacement, whether it be rivet, roll-pin or bolt/nut. I'm guessing it's long past warranty, so I would try that...what have yo
  3. Thanks, Trevor! She (my wife) absolutely LOVES IT! We're confident this one will give us as good as service as her '09 did.
  4. Well...after 8+ years of near-flawless performance/reliability...we traded my wife's '09 RX350 in on a brand new 2016 RX 350 F-Sport at Lexus of Knoxville, Tuesday evening. The new ride is "ultra white" (pearl) with light gray leather interior. We LOVE IT!
  5. and that's why I do all the maintenance on my vehicles that I'm confident in doing (that don't require specialized/expensive equipment)...I just can't bear the thought of paying Lexus maintenance rates at the dealership, or any other dealership for that matter. I just wonder what Lexus would've charged me to diagnose and replace the O2 sensor that I replaced myself...
  6. Doing your own maintenance is not for everyone, and I agree...a hybrid would be much more technically complex than a straight gas-powered vehicle.
  7. just a guess, but it sounds like maybe the bearings in the A/C compressor pulley or fan...not knowing the mileage or what all they replaced during the "super complete service"'s difficult to say what was or wasn't really in need of replacement, but your RX is 10 years old and you took it to a Lexus dealership (I'm assuming), so (hopefully) the "super complete service" was necessary. It's as difficult as ever to find a mechanic/shop that you can trust 100% not to rip you off...I'm not implying that the dealership did that, but unless your Lexus has over 200k miles on it, having just
  8. Yep....same thing happened to our '09. We LOVE our Lexus, but I believe for this to not be covered by them is a load of BS! It's obviously a poor design/bad part choice/etc. I don't really have a suggestion for a remedy. I just removed what was left of the melted cover and left it as is. I, too, would be interested in a (reasonably priced) solution. - Scott
  9. You should have no problem whatsoever getting this taken care of by the's still under warranty and in their system. You don't need a warranty card or owners manual.
  10. agree with jetfixer01 - no way should a timing chain need replacing at 90k miles. Most will last at least 200k miles. At that point, the engine may be ready for a total overhaul, to include the timing set. There seems to be many folks who take what their dealer tells them as gospel...HUGE mistake. Like he (jetfixer01) said - "The dealer is a ripoff artist". This, of course doesn't apply to all, but certainly a good portion of them. That's why I perform my own maintenance, especially the routine stuff (oil/filter changes, etc.) My wife's '09 was making a noise that was thought to be the lef
  11. Most likely you only need to perform a window reset - follow the instructions in this video - takes about 15 seconds. Most of the time, it's caused when you disconnect or replace your battery. My wife's '09 RX350 was only a "winter" vehicle for its first few years in service, so we disconnected the battery from eary Spring into late Fall and experienced this same problem. If I recall correctly, it's even discussed in the owners manual:
  12. I think you answered your own question - "there seems to be no concensus"...I can tell you (as I've already stated) that Autozone showed the OE pads to be semi-metallic but ceramics as a suitable replacement.
  13. I'd say the "OEM vs aftermarket" discussion rates right up there with the "which engine oil, how long between changes, what filter" debate :D
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