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  1. I had all of these error codes. 1130 and 1135 usually where the first ones to pop up, then 0125 and misc. other codes at one time or another. My problem turned out to be the Bank 1, Sensor 1. The one you have to change from underneath. It was a very easy fix and only took 15 minutes or so. I sprayed some penetrating oil on the sensor, unscrewed it then took a coat hanger and pulled the sensor up through the left side of the engine so I could grab it with my left hand, reached around with my right hand and pushed the plug release, pulled with my left hand. Back under the car screwed the n
  2. After all the help I've recieved maybe I can help a little. I have 189,000 miles on my RX300 and have been getting the p1130,p1135 error for about 60,000. The car seemed to run okay so I didn't worry about it. About 5,000 ago it started running a little rough and I started looking through this forum hoping for answers. From what I saw it was the rear Bank 1 Sensor 1 A/F. Seemed like it was a real problem to change so I didn't attempt it until it started runnning really badly. Push down on the gas, it seemed to slow down instead of speed up etc. Anyway it took me less time to change out
  3. I had the same 0171 and cleaned then changed the MAF. Still had the exact problem. Also had 1130,1135, 1150, and 1155. It was running horribly and I decided to take it to the dealer. I was afraid I wouldn't make it because it was running so poorly so I thought maybe something was causing the plugs to foul, so I took one out to clean it. The gap seem way to big so I purchase the three front ones and replaced them because it was easy. The 0171 error is gone and it runs great. 1130,1150, 1135 and 1155 are still there but runs okay. I was just on the forum to see if I was man enought to cha
  4. Well I guess it's time I actually fix this thing. Still getting the 0171, 1130,1150. I'm starting to think that it's the oxygen sensors. I hate to randomly replace them on a guess, or a least start with the ones most likly to fail. Also, by the way, I took off the hoses going to the Air intakes and the one closest to the front of the car has got a lot of black gunk in it. The side closest to the windshield wasn't nearly so bad. Don't know if that helps or offers any clues. I guess my question now is; should I start changing oxygen sensors and if so which one first? Also am I doing any
  5. Another piece of the puzzle. Seems like PO125 is now the first error code to come up. Don't think that one is supposed to make the engine run rough however. The coolant level was low but only by a quart or so. Anyhow, don't know if that helps.
  6. thanks for the advice code 58. It seemed to check out okay but Autozone had the sensor for $69.00 so I thought I'd give it a try. Same code same running rough. PO171, sometimes 072, and still the 1130,1135,1150,1155. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hey guys. A lot of discussion on the P0171 error and the MAF sensor, but before I go out and buy one I wanted to make sure as much as possible that I wasn't chasing another problem. My 1999 Lexus RX300 is running rough and missing out some and I'm getting P0171 error first, then 1130,1135,1150,1155 and sometimes if I let it go long enough the coil codes start, 301,302 etc. I cleaned the MAF sensor and it ran pretty well with no error code for an hour or so then started with the error codes and running rough again. Sure seems like the MAF sensor, but didn't want to invest in an MAF, then an
  8. Well I got my second blower control unit from the Junkyard today. Put it on and it works. I happy, even though it took two to get a good one. Still only $100.00 vs the several hundred for a new one. Problem with used parts, can end up chasing your tail.
  9. From everything I've read it sure sounds like Toyota part #87165-2240. I'll probably order another one from the junk yard. Maybe the last one I bought was bad also, same year etc. maybe it's just time for them to go. At least I can spend $50 instead of 250 then at least if I have to buy a new part I'll know it's the right fix.
  10. I had the old blower runs on high constantly problem, and thanks to the forum I found the Blower Control unit. I'm pretty good with electronics and I really hate to spend money when I don't have to, so I tried to fix the $267.00 unit. I had it pulled out of it's mount (where it gets the majority of its cooling) and left it out for a couple of days. Forgot that hot is always bad for electronics. It totally died, No blowing at all, I think because it overheated. So I called a junk yard and found one for $50.00. Installed it and it blew like crazy. Always on high, again. So now I wonder
  11. I couldn't wait for my ebay parts so I went to the AutoZone this morning and bought their $79. coil. Put in on in the parking lot in about two minutes and it runs like a charm. The 1130 error still pops up: I'll start reading through threads and see what that's all about. Thanks so much once again. Fixing your car is better than....
  12. I ordered from your ebay guy this morning. I think it was Ben Franklin that said "a penny saved is a penny earned".
  13. I switched the #6 with the#4 and the error code went along with it. 306 to 304. By the way I could have looked forever and never found the spark plugs. Where's the distributer cap, and those things didn't look like any coil I'd ever seen before. I'm getting on ebay now and order a few.
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