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  1. i just registered how do i get them to send me one for free
  2. My valet key's head is black
  3. where can i get i cheap 1993 ls400 owners manual
  4. do i have to get the master key from the dealership or can i get get it for cheaper somewhere else
  5. i only have the master key(Ignition ?) where can i get the valet key
  6. the battery on my 93 ls400 is dead and i cant open the trunk. does the battery have to work just to get into the trunk. also the key does not work either
  7. hey thanks alot for all the suggestions. i will take all of them into consideration. when i first bought the car the guy told me that he had a new alarm put in and whoever installed it screwed up the wiring which also affecte the drivers side seat adjustment motor. when i put the new battery in i got a little spark. i know this means that something is drawing from the battery even when the car is off. i just dont know what it is
  8. ok i understand that i have to drive the car but the hood wont open to even be able to get a charge
  9. so how else should i try to charge it without actually driving it. and any suggestions for the hood
  10. first let me say that my car knowlege isn't that good. I have a 1993 lexus ls400 155000 miles. i recently put in a new battery and the car will not start. i do not drive the car as of right now because i dont have a liscence but i would start the car ever day or two and let it sit for about 20 minutes. also i cant get the hood open to get a jump. you have to lift it a little bit and there is a latch under the grill that you pull to release the lock and open the hood all the way. now i cant even lift the hood to reach the latch. why does the battery keep dying and how can i open the hood without having to tow the car to a garage. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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