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  1. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to apply seafoam to clean the car (intake I'm assuming?) There is a vacum hose that it needs to be sucked through right? And it is the whole bottle?
  2. It's not a salvage title once I prove that all the works was done and have the pics to back it up. And I never plan on selling her. She is taking me through college and until I start making enough to buy a nice , brand new LS460L :D (or equivalent by the time that happens). I will call carson and get the trim ordered aspap. I think I'll end up saving about $50 by using them. And as soon as I get it put on, my baby is getting a new PS pump and the flickering dash lights will be fixed by Jim Walker. Then it's on to the Jcrome exhaust. :) lol. just out of curiosity, what kind of claim did it end up as?? As I recall, I stated they might do it as Comprehensive... Did they do collision instead?
  3. Well, While I do agree that michelins are better tires, it would be unfair to say that Falkens are bad tires. I would never sacrifice safety, regardless of how often I will be driving a vehicle. The truth of the matter, is that I'm trying to determine if anyone has ever used this particular tire for their LS, not if the tire is a bad tire. I've already done a lot of research to determine that it is a pretty decent option, in fact, most research states it's better than my energy's in the wet. My main concern will be road noise.
  4. Hello everyone, Shopping for new tires here for my 93LS, I currently have Michelin MXX Energys, and while I think it's a great tire, I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. I've researched the Falken FK-452, and all reviews indicate it's a pretty good tire. I can get all 4 installed in my size for 350.00, which honestly seems like a hell of a deal. I wanted to know if anyone has these tires currently installed in their LS, and if so, how the like it. Thanks, Al
  5. Killerfatty, here's what you do. Now I'm assuming you have full coverage meaning Comp, collision and liability right? If there was no one else involved, then you are in luck. Here's why. Comprehensive coverage covers all "Acts of God" in your case as can be seen by the pictures... it appears it was snowing yes? Well guess what... this is an act of God. by law, your rates cannot be adjusted if your claim is deemed a comprehensive claim. PM me if you have further questions regarding comprehensive coverage. Good luck
  6. Thx I'll give them a call. Well the parts I'm talking about are original. Anyhoo, car feels smooth, but I can't wait to see an increased improvement in this area!!
  7. Hey Thanks for the tip!!! I actually took the car to the dealership with my own Synthetic oil and filter, and they charged me 57.00 for the oil change. The great thing was that yes they did find the cause of my 4 month old issue. MOTOR MOUNTS!!! The service adv. said that everything in the car was fine, but that the motor mounts where collapsed, and that this is what was giving me the slight vibration in the morning. They said they can get it done for 1200!!! YIKES!!! no thanks I said. I found a auto parts store that can get me all 3 mounts for 175.00 and I'll have to get my mech to do it. Do you guys know if it's a complicated process having the motor mounts changed? They also suggested I get the Intake cleaned for better fuel econ. I assume SeaFoam can take care of this??
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a lexus mechanic here in southern california (l.a. area) I need to get my car diagnosed for some rough idle when starting from cold in the morning. I've been told to look out for leaking head gasket, but I doubt it could be that. Just want to try to have someone look at it without getting ripped off. The dealership wants 125 per hour of diag. and I'm afraid they might charge 3 hours or more. Thanks guys.
  9. Well, In regards, to motormounts, they were checked and seem to be good. Tell me if I'm wrong, but here's the way to check them... Put car in park, apply hand brake, as well as regular foot brake, and then gently accelerate to maybe 2k rpm in order to notice if there is engine flex or movement. Well, there is none with mine. I think if it was an engine mount issue, it would always vibrate at that RPM, and the truth is that it only does it when the engine is cold... There is something wrong, like maybe an injector, or a sensor somewhere that is making it not idle or run right. As I mentioned before, the car is not eating up any oil, it's not smoking at all, I'm puzzled... I'm thinking of taking it to a lexus only mechanic that was recommended to me. One question, will the computer tell me if there is an issue with the sparkplug wires, or cap and rotors? After hooking it up and getting the 41 error code (TPS) and changing the TPS, it now reads clear. But I'm wondering if there might be issues with the wires... Certainly hope it's not an engine issue... I couldn't imagine it, since it's always had meticulous maintenance record.
  10. Alrighty..So I had the TPS changed, and my mech also adjusted the throttle positioning (meaning rotated the TPS clockwise, since when he first installed the TPS and reset the fuse, the car was idling in park, at 1000RPM. When he hooked it up to computer, the error 41 (bad TPS) was gone.. after cycling through the program, it said throttle opening degree needed to be at 76-80 degrees, mine was at 73. He adjusted it to 78, and boy it made a significant difference.. as before, the throttle seemed hard or sluggish. The morning vibrations are still there, but not as prevalent. I'll just have to wait and see what that does.. but as far as throttle application and response, MUCH better! Thanks, Al
  11. TPS (throttle positioning sensor) is most likely bad. Hook it up to diagnostic.
  12. press the little rubber button on the door frame, maybe it's stuck, or bad. If it's stuck, it'll think the door is still open.
  13. hook it up to a computer see about codes... check TPS sensor.
  14. btw here are some pics of my 93 silvermist... awesome car.. drives like new.