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  1. A stinkin 1990 Chevy Lumina A 1987 Sterling 1984 Honda Prelude
  2. Well yesterday i popped the hood and wiggled my Neg battery cable and i havent been having any problems so far. I am assuming i need to change the cable. Where can i get one and is there a specific one i need??
  3. I am speaking from experience and it does not take long at all. I was stupid and broke so i had to drive for 3 months with a bad p/s pump and the alternator was acting funny for the whole time. Change it ASAP!!!
  4. Is changing the neg. battery cable a DIY job?
  5. Thanks i will check the alternator cable and the negative battery cable. Hey Another thing that was weird is today when i shut the car off and i turned on the map light and stepped on the brake the light dimmed out. So would that mean that the problem has to do with the battery since the car was shut off??
  6. i meant that the battery light is functional because i have seen it work before but it hasnt come on while i have been dealing with this issue.
  7. The connectors are clean and have been sanded about 3 or 4 times already. Also in experiencing these problems i have never had the battery light come on as a warning which leaves me to believe the battery might be ok. And the battery light works cuz before this battery it came on to let me kno it was dead
  8. OK here is the story...I changed my alternator about a month ago because it was destroyed by my leaking power steering pump. After it was installed for about a week the car functioned fine with no problem. There was no blinking of the headlights or interior lights when i pressed the brakes or when i had the bass from my system cranked up. Then all of a sudden the ghosts were back! Now again when i press the brakes the dash lights blink and if the headlights are on they blink as well and the radio will pause for about 2-3 seconds. Also if the bass is cranking from my system that causes the light to pulsate as well. The battery has been checked and it supposed to be fine as well as the alternator. Now what is even worse somtimes i get in the car to start it up, i stick the key in and the lights are dim but when i press the brake while turning the key the car comes to life and starts up. But when it starts i still have the same light blink and radio pause problems. Ive cleaned off the ground connection that is kinda under the battery and it is clean. I dont know what else to do and im frustrated now and i aint the most mecanically sound guy either. Any suggestions???? Im thinking maybe the battery is malfunctioning? Or maybe the negative battery cable needs to be changed?? The battery i have is only a year old BTW. Help!!!
  9. Can i just go and get a key cut or does the key have a chip in it because i only have 1 key for my 95 SC400.
  10. I have 2 900watt amps in my sc400. One 2ch to power my 12inch sub and one 4ch to power the interior speakers. What size capacitor should i use?
  11. Thanks tote i will try testing my car the way u said and see whet results i get. i have a feeling that my battery has a problem because last night i look at it and on the top of it i can see what looks like moisture or an oily substance on the top but not at the terminals. Looks almost as if the battery is "perspiring" slightly. This problem is such a pain!!!!
  12. OK I'm sorry if i am addressing a problem that has been addressed many times but I still cant solve mine. I have the common ghost in my electrical system where i experience the headlights and interior lights jump with the bass in the music, the lights jumping with the brakes being applied and the radio pausing for 1-2 sec when i press the brakes. Let me tell you guys what i have tried so far. First i had a powersteering pump leak which has been changed. Now when i did that i thought it solved my problems cuz maybe it was leaking into my alternator. But the alternator looked intact and was functioning ok. I also cleaned the ground wire connection from the battery to the body which had been corroded on the body. That didnt help either. Battery terminals are clean as well. Can someone please tell me what else I could try because besides my leaking rear differential this is my only other problem with my SC. I would luv to get this finally solved...HELP PLEASE!!!
  13. I didnt change the whole LCA, only the bushings. I belive finding a shop shouldnt be hard that will press in the bushings and i belive u can have it done cheaper than i found. But an alignment is necessassary after installing new struts
  14. i kept the same springs cuz in NYC i dont need it any lower than stock height. It still looks great to me!
  15. Hey BCSC300 I got the struts and bushings from TM engineering, they got what u need. Today is day 3 with the new struts on and it feels so firm and steering is so much smoother. Sometime this week i will get a full allignment and then im really good to go.
  16. Had them installed...it was 200 to put the struts in and 88 to have the bushings pressed in ...not too bad or as bad as i thought it would be.
  17. Just had Daizen front LCA bushings and Tokico Blues struts installed yesterday and my SC is running like a dream. I the bushings have made taking corners very sharp and the Tokico's give the car a very firm ride....i dont even feel all those violent NY potholes as much. I must admit i am totally satisfied. Now its on to more modding, dont know whats next yet but im sure i can think of plenty ideas.
  18. Where is the a/c clutch? and i do hear it extra loud when i turn the a/c on, so how would i turn the a/c clutch off???? Help please i cant take the noise!!!
  19. Before changing the p/s pump i heard a squeaking like belt was squeaking. Took it to dealer and they said it was the p/s pump leaking. I would hear the squeak while my foot was off the gas but as soon as i started moving the squeaking would stop. So on saturday i had my mechanic replace the p/s pump but it is still squeaking....even more than before and now i even hear it when im on the gas too. The belt was checked and it looked good....what could this be now? Help please!!
  20. i checked the arm bushings and they were good, im thinking maybe wheel bearing or cv boot?
  21. When changing my brakes last week i noticed when i tightened the lugs all the way and jscked the car back up i noticed about 1maybe 2mm of play when i shook the wheel to make sure it was tight. I checked the passenger side for play but there was none. I looked with a friend to see if i could see where the play was coming from but everything looked tight even while he shook the wheel. What could be causing this? and where should i try lookin next?
  22. So most likely its the differential seal that's causing the leak?
  23. I took my car to the dealer for a diagnostic test and i was told my rear differential was leaking and they want $432 to fix it. I looked under to see if i could see the leak and i can see that the case is wet. Is there a way to fix the seals ?Because i really dont have the $432 the dealer wants so im lookin for an alternative fix that i could have my mechanic do. Any suggestions???
  24. This is another chapter in my quest to solve my electrical ground problems. For a while now i have had the common problem of my interior lights blinking and the radio being interrupted when pressing the brakes. I was looking under the hood yesterday to locate the ground fron the battery to the boday and noticed sum substantial corrosion and peeling of metal under and around where the ground wire meets the body. After noticing that i looked at the battery and noticed that there was a little sign of moisture on the top of the battery and also a drop of somthing that resembled bird droppings but i can assume it must be coming from the battery. It is a pretty decent battery i think its a powermaster, and i just installed it bout a year ago. Also i have a 12 inch sub powered by a 2 channel 900 watt amp and i also have an after market 900 watt amp that powers the rest. I have been thinking maybe i need a capacitor because the system maybe drawing too much power from the battery or somthing. I have done a lot of searching and reading about this problem but still have not been able to get a solution or fix for mine. Sorry for the long post , im just not that mecanically inclined when it comes to cars so im just trying to learn now. Getting a little frustrated and i love my sc but i just want it to run right. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
  25. My passenger side seat back vibrates and rattles when no one is sitting in it. I have been trying to ignore it but its getting on my nerves now cuz i cant get peace and quiet when im trying to think. I can see the seat rattle up and down sometimes when coasting. Any suggestions?
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