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  1. <--------------------You can get one just like this on okinawa.........................................but you just try an get it back to the states, I dare anyone to try! :chairshot: Sorry, my avatar won't come up! but it's in the gallery :D
  2. Oh AW!! How could you so causually crush those young hopes? :P
  3. So I guess an intercooler and boost controller should be next after the intake and exhauts mods?
  4. I'm 6'1" and I fit in a sc300 just fine
  5. When I get back to okinawa AW, I really need to get down and dirty with you on those "simple mods" for my soarer B)
  6. Any info period on boost would be great AWJ! I am totally clueless when it comes to turbos, this is my first one. Where I come from (maine, new england) all I ever knew was superchargers. All my mods will have to wait a couple months as I am currently freezin my butt off in south korea and have to wait until I return to muh baby in order to operate
  7. Over here on Okinawa I have taken out skylines and supras with my stock Soarer TT, could be they were bad drivers.................. Took on an older porsche 911 the other day, but I don't think the guy was taking care of it because all he saw was my tail lights :P
  8. Greetings Tenki! I am stationed on okinawa and have a Soarer TT also. Some of the info I have gotten down here is change out the intake (HKS makes one for around a $100), new exhaust (single will run me about $580, the dual runs $1000 +), blow off valve (HKS also), and an inter cooler if you can find one that won't drain the bank! I am also looking at getting my little beauty back state side, no luck on any solid info as of yet, but I am keeping my hopes up! Good luck brother and let me now if ya find anything good!
  9. Greetings and salutations! New member stationed on okinawa. Proud new papa of a Soarer TT (Lexus SC250). I also have a few mods on the horizon, strictly off the shelf, middle of the road pricing mods, but should be good for around a hundred HP or so. Anyone need any parts that are Japan sourced only, drop me an e-mail, we'll see what we can do.
  10. Howdy! New member here stationed on okinawa. I love my little 2.5 twin turbo! As far as the intake, I have found an HKS one over here for around a hundred bucks, and a single exhasut for around $580, I would much rather get the dual system, but we are talking a $1000 +! Also, I am trying to find a good site for some decently priced aftermarket brake systems...any ideas? Also, if any of you soarer woners have probs find parts, or they are japan only sourced, drop me an e-mail and we'll se what we can come up with!
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