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  1. i'm currently in the market for new wheels. i've driven the '04 GS 300 and it rides well and has acceptable room and based on what little information i can gather it appears very reliable. unfortunately it lacks a few features i'd like, its very slow, and its very ugly on the outside. the interior is 1st rate. i've also driven the '04 Maxima. its about the same size, rides a little rougher, is much quicker, has better gas milage, and has the features that the GS lacks. its ridicuously ugly - inside & out. i'm unsure about its reliability as well. the Max will be cheaper to own & insure but it may be significantly more exensive to repair. not to mention the frustration factor associated with a less than reliable automobile. did any GS owners also consider the latest Maxima? do you have any thoughts regarding ownership of either? thanks for your insight.