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  1. I am very Interested could you please give me a number to call on or you can reach me at 713-394-1689
  2. You can get it towed if you want but my personal advise would be to use a Flat bed tow truck.
  3. Best thing to do would be taking the car to a nearby Toyota or Lexus dealer and let them do a 128 point inspection which will tell you every thing about the car including all the history. Toyota Charges 79.99 and lexus charge 99.99 for the inspection
  4. Quick Note every one. I am getting a lot of calls about the car. Let me make it easy for every one. Car has 48000 miles, still under factory warranty, we are looking for a nice home and family for our Lucy so no dealers please. The car is been upraised at Sterling McCall Lexus and they offered us 20500 for it and Carmax offered us 19600 for it. We do not want to sell it to either, We will only sell it to a good family who will take care of the car just like we did. We are asking 22000 for the car which is negotiable but only if the right family approaches
  5. Ok Every one here is your chance. My wife decided to sell her Lucy. Here are the details..... 2000 Lexus GS300 Platinum Edition, The car belongs to my wife. She bought it brand new from Sterling McCall Lexus out here in Houston. Car is been treated like a 1 month old baby from day 1. Car is in absolute Gorgeous condition inside out. Never been driven in rain or extreme weather condition. She stays in a Climate Control Garage tucked under the covers. She only gets to get out on the weekend in the suburb neighborhood area of Houston. She always went to Local Lexus dealership for all the Interva
  6. well I got Daizen and trust me they are good its been almost about 2 years and the ride is great. There is no difference between ride quality Mine feels the same as far as control its much better with Daizen. Supra will fit but you will loose your ride quality almost down to 20%. If you still want to go with stock contact sewell lexus and they have the cheapest arms $250 a side.
  7. I had this same problem with my 92 SC300 and after spending almost close to $500 on different stuff I finaly figured out what the problem was it was the Lower Control arm Bushing. I ordered them from Daizen and costed me $70 to replace all bushings on lower and upper control arms and my car is been perfect since.
  8. That's why there is a fuel filter. ← Exactly, I meant fuel pump won't be clogged due to the level of gasoline in our tanks. Sorry if I cause confusion... ← well here is what I did. Hooked up the PC to find out the errors and it gave me 3 different errors about fuel mixture being too rich and misfire in Cylinder 4. I just picked up Vavoline Sync Blend Fuel system cleaner and poured it into my tank and filled it up and beleive me or not with in 2 miles of driving every thing became normal. Now car is performing perfect with out any problems. Thanks for every ones help.
  9. Here are some details Car only knocks when you put it in Drive. If you leave it idle it works fine. Car only knocks up to 35 to 40 mph and after that it runs smooth. Some one at the dealership told me it could be fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator. Any Ideas?
  10. I have a 99 RX300. MY wife went very low on fuel yesterday and by the time she got to the gas station the Car started Knocking. She put Gas in it and she started driving it. The car knocks untill it gets up to 35mph after that it runs smooth. Any Ideas on what could be causing this and what do I need to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I need the after market stereo wiring harness for the LX470 but cant seem to find it any where out on the net or localy any one have a Idea on that
  12. I purchased my lx470 and I am wondering if there is a way I can get a stereo wiring harness for the 99 model with the nakamichi system I have looked every where on the net but cant find it let me know if any of you know about the harness Thanks
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