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  1. I'm likin this site more and more with each read. I'm here and let me know if I can be of any help. :D steviej
  2. it's nice to be here. I was wondering where you went. Actually I heard it in a post elsewhere. The owner stated it was done by a Lexus service tech. The doors don't rattle (not a mechanical metallic rattle), and the ambient sound did not rise that much. I heard another person suggesting that you go in and reinforce the attachment of the insulation with the almighty wonder (duct tape). Frankly, i've gotten used to it. I don't really want to rip off the inside panel. steviej
  3. this seems to be a common problem with the 02 ES. It is more prevalent in the colder temps and goes away as it gets warmner in and outside of the car. From the people that have had this and done something about it: the solution is to remove the sound insulation inside the doors. I ain't ready to take the panel off yet, so I'm living with it. steviej
  4. The flashing SRS light means the seat belt pretensioners fail. It is related to the seat belt not retracting. Get it looked at now, not after an accident. It may be as simle as a wire or a spring in the catch mechanism. steviej