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  1. Quick many clips are needed to attach the 97 sideskirts to a 95? and is it just sideskirts and clips that are needed? thanks
  2. Hey everybody, Today is my birthday, but instead of getting me a present i convinced my parents, aunts, brother...etc. to give me some money for a bodykit! lol i need one. What I can't decide is weather i want to do the 97+ conversion or get a JIC bodykit. I love both of those, but im kinda scared about getting a JIC, because its Fiberglass. Even tho i guess its FRP which is better. So, how much better is FRP then just pure fiberglass or how much worse then urethane? also, are all JIC Magic kits FRP? do they all fit the car the same? i mean i know they will have to be some modifications, but if i buy a real kit, there shouldnt be that much, should there? I saw a site that was selling them for guessing thats not too bad of a price and im pretty sure i can afford it. And one last question....sorry i have alot...but, how much approx. does it cost to paint it and put it on my car? Thanks alot, guys...I hope everyone has a nice sunny day! :D
  3. Hey, do u guys know what body kit is on the yellow sc?'s.jpg Also, where can i get it? and in general where's a good place to buy bodykits? If you get different parts from different bodykits, will they ussually match and look good together? or is it better to stick to the front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper from the same kit. Thanks!
  4. Hey everybody, i got a small problem with my 95 will probably charge me 40283048021 dollors for this so id rather try to fix it myself first. My winshield wiper fluid doesnt work. Like when i press the button for water to come out, there is a "zzzz" noise and the wipers start working, but no water comes out, there seems to be enough water in the tank....well, its full lol, and it doesnt seem to be leaking, cuz it stays full, and i dont know what the problem could be or how to fix it...please help
  5. thanks, Aaron, that makes alot of sense. thats pretty much what i was looking for in these tires, so im def gonna go with the summer high performance 245's and 235's for the 18's and just some winter tires for the stock 16's. Have a good one, fellas!
  6. well, im getting new tires for my stock wheels, which ill be driving in the winter mostly, so i guess these would be for spring, summer and it doesnt need to have unbelievable traction, but some would be nice....i dont know if that really explains it lol...ok this is a stupid question, whats a staggered set up? alot for all the responses, u guys are great!!!
  7. Whats up guys! havnt posted on here in lil sc still running presently investing in some rims and tires, but still trying to decide on what size tires i should get and which ones...the rims im getting are 18s by 8, and right now im set for getting 225/40/18's but i think i want to go to 235's in the front and 245's in the back...would that work allright? will there be any rub? and what offsets should be for those? same +40 offset on both? i dont really know much about tires (as im sure u already understood lol) and especially offsets, so all the help would be greatlly appriciated... Also, which tires are better...Goodyear Ultra or Nankang? Thanks alot, everybody! I have a 1995 SC300 auto
  8. Hey Everybody! I got a small problem, well i dunno how small it is....I just changed my alternator which cost me whopping 400 bucks!! everything was fine for a day, then now my engine check and traction off light comes comes on then stays for a lil while and turns doesnt seem to affect the performance of the car at all....: / im kinda puzzled...does anyone else have this problem? or know what it might be....i appriciate all ur guys's help! ...btw i have a95 SC300 (and i LOVE IT) George
  9. Thanks for all the replys guys! That gives me a pretty good idea where i should start : )
  10. hey guys! I bought my 95 SC300 about 2 months ago and it has been the best 2 months in my life! the car's been running like a dream....but when i bought it there was a small chip in the windshield, well i didnt think it was a big deal, but now its huge! it expanded everywhere, so i need to get a new windshield, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get one cheap...i can only imagine the price a lexus dealership will put on that sucker!!! so id rather first see if i can get like a used one or something cheap... thanks
  11. Hey guys i got a problem! In my SC300, just recently the cd changer stopped working...i dunno waht i did, i dont think i did anything, but at some point, now when i put the cartridge in, it doesnt go down when i close it, like its not reading it, plz help~
  12. Hey everybody! I just bought a 95 SC300 with about 120,00 miles on it and everything seemed fine and now there is a squeeky noise thats coming from the back of the car, the faster i go..the more rapid it gets, also the volume of the cd player seems to affect it too a little..Please help, im pretty new to Lexus's. Thanks!
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