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  1. I'll second that. For whatever reason, Japanese car batteries tend to die quicker than others. The HID's really suck the juice as well. Example: Came home one night from the grocery store, took a load of bags in the house, but left the trunk lid up. The phone rang and I was on a call for about 20 mins. Back outside, I found the headlights/foglights still on! Seems that as long as the trunk lid was open, the headlights stayed on. I got the rest of the groceries out, shut the trunk and went in for the night. Next morning, the battery was dead and I had to jump it from my other car. I figured t
  2. Your pic wouldn't load because of Google issues. Are you sure it's on the left side of the drivers side? If it's up near the rear view mirror, it's the rain sensor for your automatic wipers.
  3. Not sure which model year you have, and they may have taken the option away in subsequent years, but on my 2007 ES350, you CAN turn off the traction control. The switch is a push button underneath the steering wheel; way under the dash, the one on the right, next to the Headlight Swivel (or whatever you call it) on/off switch. Just push it and a light will come on in the speedo cluster that the traction control is off. I'm probably like a lot of people on here...grew up driving a stick in the snow. It's hard enough to get used to an automatic in the snow, but I definitely DO NOT like the trac
  4. My light comes on too, but I still have grayed out options...I even took it up a fairly deserted road today and pushed the brake half way in; so far that it was slowing the car down, and still no luck. One thing just occured to me...did you punch up the menu AFTER you pressed the brake? I already had the menu up when I engaged the brake, thinking that the icons would appear, but they didn't. Maybe I need to fiddle with the menu after I push in the brake? I'll let you know if it works. I'm still using the original 2007 disc, if that matters.
  5. Bill, I too have an 07 ES350. I tried this today and no luck. Everything still stayed 'grayed out'...are you sure you didn't do something else in conjunction with using the brake that made it work? Am I not holding my mouth right? What? :o Ben
  6. I'm right there with you, Brian...kind of a low 'whump' when I'm backing out of the driveway, (and no, I'm not backing over the neighbor's dog)...I thought it was just junk in the trunk, but maybe not...let us know what you find out, if anything. -Ben
  7. Great trip eh TexasComputerMan? I almost passed you out there. From Aug 1st to Aug 16th, I drove from Roanoke VA out to Denver and back through many of the spots you saw, including the St. Louis Arch, Devils Tower, Crazy Horse/Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands and best of all, managed to cruise into Sturgis SD during the huge annual bike rally in my White 2007 ES350 UL...Man was I getting some looks! A Lexus is just not something you see going down the main drag at Sturgis during bike week! We stopped and got a burger and brew at "The Knuckle" saloon in Sturgis. What a picture. Me in khaki shorts a
  8. Take a look at my gallery. I was like you and thought long and hard about the moldings; even went so far as to have the dealer tape them on the car in the service bay before they permanently installed them so I could see what they looked like. I'm sure glad I went ahead and got them. Not a week after, some nutbag door-dinged me so hard it nicked the paint on the molding. Fortunately, not on the metal, and a little touch-up paint later, all is well... In addition, IMO, the ES looks a little too bubble shaped, depending on the angle you're viewing. I have the UL package and the moldings, along
  9. I have an 07 ES and the NAV WILL pronounce certain things, especially route numbers. It will say "...turn right on eye-five-eighty-one (Interstate 581)" or "proceed on U S Route four-sixty", but as for something like, "turn left on smithfield drive", you'll have to read the display for that...always wondered why they won't let you watch DVD's or program destinations while you drive, but you must read the NAV screen to identify street names! Go figure!
  10. You've 'toasted' your rotors...warped them due to extended high heat. I've done it to mine. Other poster's are correct, cross drilling would help ventilate, but is uncommon in 'street' cars outside of the best sports cars. I may be wrong, but I don't think the warping is a problem unless it gets really bad. Go aftermarket rotors if you want, but understand that the ES is not a high performance car, it's a luxury cruiser. Adding high perf rotors to an ES is like putting racing slicks on a Lincoln Town Car, in my opinion... I remember the exact day I toasted mine. I had to brake fairly hard and
  11. FYI, 235/50-17 tires WILL NOT fit on a 2007 ES 350. The front rubs inside on a turn and the rear does not have enough clearance if there is any load whatsoever in the back. I just got the bad news. My tire guy will try 225/50's. Lexus says they are an approved alt. size.
  12. Hmm...interesting. I'm doing comparisons based on Tire Size Calc it gives the following info for changing a 215/55 to a 235/50 Sidewall difference= -.1 inch Radius= -.1 inch Diameter= No Change Circumference= -.2 inch Revolutions per mile= +1 Rev per mile It also states that the new tires would be .2% too fast. i.e, when you're doing 60 mph on the speedo, you're actually doing 59.9mph. Using these figures, nearly all variables are unchanged except the wider footprint. Wheel wells are still filled out, it'll still fit the rim fine etc...That's why I figured it would work. Where are yo
  13. Thanks for the info on wider footprints. I'm thinking of going even farther, to a 235/55, has anyone else done this? Will the rim hold that wide a tire? Are there rubbing problems? I wish there was some place on the net to tell me not only what OEM is, but what other sizes would work on my stock wheels. How do I determine how wide I can go before I encounter problems? Is the only way a trial-and-error system? I'd like to order them on, but I don't want to get something that won't work. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Then check this out... Cell Phone Popcorn Just a marketing gimmick from a Bluetooth headset manufacturer...
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