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  1. dont everyone yell at once i cant find the tire and whell section on here im trying to fit 235 35 20 wheels on my sc400 but need to know if they will fit without modding anything sorry to have to ask this here
  2. a large part of my money has been put into my car everywhere but under the now im looking for a little help and advice i want to start working on the engine im looking for you all to point me in a good direction i dont necessarily want turbos or or swapping out engines for a 2jz all that really over the top stuff but anyways im looking for fairly simple mods that will increase performance and not break the bank or put to much strain on the engine....any ideas people or where should i start this is the first car ive ever cared about so im starting to learn about it but ill take all the help i can get thanks again for all the great help that im sure is on its way
  3. surely someone else can give you a better exact answer but i would check ebay or check the internet for salvage yards in the u.s. that may ship internationally some of them do...that piece of glass may be hard to find it will probably take some time and a little patience
  4. 700 DOLLARS WHERE ILL BUY IT RIGHT NOW ya know what even for that price you could part it out on ebay or on here and make your money like 5x's over haha i would get it they are great cars but you'd here that from anyone on here just treat it good and it will return the favor i promise ya that
  5. just be sure you get it fixed otherwise the power steering fluid can leak all over some important stuff and cause you a whole world of problems
  6. get the halo angel eye headlights theyre so nice i love em and probably no more expensive then the ones youre looking at
  7. i had that problem in my 92 and as you can see in my signature i got rid of the entire stock system put new pioneer component speakers in and a sub....even when i put the component speakers in the system is kinda just weak the speakers are to small to create that bass by themselves since you dont have 6x9's or anything near that size anyways i would say if youre concerned with bass get a single 12' sub in your trunk it wont take up to much room or like you said you can just get an after market 10 and put it in the housing and run a seperate amp to it i didnt go that route but im sure it would sound fine
  8. yeah they get in the way of your field of vision and theyre kinda ugly personally i thought about getting a spoiler but i kinda like the clean curve of the car dont really want to mess that up with a bat wing on the car lol
  9. if you need to get new needles you can get them off ebay i saw them the other day they had them for the 92 sc400 in blue red and maybe green i think and they were pretty cheap i think only around 100 with shipping
  10. im looking for a body kit to put on my car sometime this summer im not in any rush i just got rims and that kinda took most of my money anyways looking for a sharp looking bodykit for cheap anybody know of a good place to go....and i want a body kit that isnt to obnoxious a lot of them are i just want something that looks nice but wont make me look like i jumped out of fast and furious
  11. ive got that same problem hopefully someone knows how to fix it
  12. how much did you pay for them??? i resealed my original headlights twice it was a pain in the !Removed! to do id just glue the strip back on but make sure the seal hasnt been compromised....f.y.i. i got the halo headlights that look incredible with the hid kit both cost me id say 400 dollars and im tellin you they are such a good investment i can see now and my car looks amazing its odd what good headlights can do for a car
  13. CURE FOR MY PROBLEM to anybody whos car might be running rich with no check engine light on...... i got new double platinum laser cut plugs for my car which makes it purrrr i barely knew the car was on..that may have fixed the problem BUT probably obviously more important was my mass air flow sensor had been knocked loose and the vacuum seal around it had been car had been running extremely rich for a few weeks and cost me god knows how much extra on gas specially when its 3.65 a gallon for premium... anyways it took two tiny screws and the seal was back in place my car now runs fine and the smell from the exhaust is gone and my gas mileage is as good and maybe a little better then what it was before....the sensor is located inside a small black box on the left side of the engine right in easy plain sight on top of the air intake its impossible to miss..... but thanks for everyones help again
  14. check engine light haha...anways thanks for all your help guys ive got a tune up scheduled for next week dont know when the last time the car has had one, i bought some really nice plugs for the car so hopefully that fixes the check engine rattling no knocking and she still runs fine...the only thing i will say is that when i just barely barely touch the gas or try to just keep up a constant steady speed the car kinda jumps or spurts almost....gonna have it looked at too didnt bring that up but guess i shouldve they might be related problems.....its only when i barely touch the gas though speeding up and slowing down are fine well again thanks for all your help guys i greatly appreciate it
  15. yeah i know its running rich and like i said im really ignorant when it comes to cars and i have no idea what CEL is to tell you like i said no check engine light or anything is on and performance wise nothing seems to be effected im just having to spend like 3 times as much money on gas and thats no fun
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