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  1. As it turns out, the next time I turned the car on the outside temperature was displaying correctly in F. So I'll write this off as a fluke.
  2. This morning I noticed that the Outside temperature display on my 2001 RX300 is displaying in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. The inside temperature does display in Fahrenheit as always. Does anybody know how to restore the Outside Temperature display back to Fahrenheit? It is worth mentioning that the cause might be the fact that I did not properly close a car door last night and the battery had drained some. I was still able to start the car and did not notice any other "side effects". Thanks!
  3. You are exaclty right Mikey: the battery I got is #3. Apparently the size has changed. Good point on the WD40. Will give it a go. Thanks!! Hi Fransisco- I installed a Costco battery in my DIL's 99RX300 (#3) and it fit perfect. I might suggest on thing on the rear bolt though, if it does not come off fairly easy with the use of penetrating oil, you may have to remove the air cleaner box so that you have axcess to the rear bolt to hold it with pliers or vice grips. A better suggestion would be to remove both cables first and after you have removed the front bolt, turn the bracket 90 degrees and you should be able to slip the old battery out and the new in without even dealing with the rear bolt. I have done this numerous times when I was in a hurry just to save time even on one where the bolt would come out. It generally works fine. Hope that helps. Roger Matter of fact when I stop to think of it, I think when you remove the front bolt the hold down should just pivot up and come out of the lower hole without ever loosening the rear nut. Hi Roger, I just replaced the battery with no issues following your tip of removing the front bolt. Thanks very much!!! Francisco
  4. You are exaclty right Mikey: the battery I got is #3. Apparently the size has changed. Good point on the WD40. Will give it a go. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for your response Mikey! Yes, I did remove the plastic cap and when I turn the nut with a wrench I see the nut and rod moving. It kind of looks like the nut and rod are bound together. My concern is that if I keep unscrewing the rod would break at some point. I think I will buy a a 10mm wrench because it is a tight fit with no room for my adjustable wrench. Given my lack of skill as evidenced by this post, I do not want to damage anything. I appreciate the caution about the size. I measured the batteries: the original Lexus is 10"L X 7"W X 8"H and the Costo (Kirkland) is 9.5"L X 7"W X 8"H. So they seem to be similar except that the Costo one is a bit shorter lengthwise. Thanks!
  6. I bought a replacement battery for my 2001 RX300 at Costco. Now I need to install it. I don't seem to have the right tools for this simple job. Does any body know what size of wrench I need? Should I get battery terminal pliers? Also, the battery has a bracket keeping it in place. When I try unscrewing it the entire rod moves. This does not seem right to me. Any tricks I need to know here? Below is an image of the existing battery: Thanks!