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  1. First, I would like to thank skperformance and others for helping me through my radiator leak. I went to the Toyota dealership and they wanted over $550 for the radiator PLUS labor. Thanks but no thanks. I then went to a local mechanic who I have known for years and got it replaced for just under $300 including labor. I also had him change the plugs (Denso's), which I cannot recall being changed before. I have 110,000 miles on the car and at this point I am only putting on 10,000-12,000 miles per year. I get the oil changed every 4,000 miles, the air filter twice per year and the transmission fluid about every 30,000 miles. I have some of the same problems I have read on this site from others including dashboard lights, rear strut noise and muliple oil leaks. Regarding the latter, I add a quart every 3 months or so (it is not burning oil). Other than constantly cleaning up of the garage floor, I can live with this, especially when the dealer gave me a cost of approximately $2,500 to do the repairs. Talking about that, instead of using newspaper, where can I find a simple flat metal pan with maybe a 2" lip around it that I could put say cat litter in to absorb the oil and sweep out every so often? I have been to Pep Boys and a like and can find nothing. A size around 48" x 36" looks to be a good fit? I can also live with the dashboard light problem as well as the rear end noise (and squeaks) when I go over bumps. I would like to keep the car for a few more years and want to continue with preventative maintenance items only. Someone suggested changing the timing belt, which I do not think has been done prior. Is this in order? How much should this cost? Are there any additional things I should be doing other than the items I get done above? Thanks much.
  2. Thanks so much for both replys. Regarding the ABS problem, is this costly to repair? Will a good break shop know how to do this? Again, thanks.
  3. I am new to this forum and know nothing about cars, so please be doubly patient. I have a 1992 Es 300 with 110,000 miles. Yesterday, I noticed a leak in the radiator. It is visable and completely accessible. It is about 2" in length located in the front top portion of the radiator. As you face the car, it is left of the cap, but again, in front, not the top. It almost looks like a seam that is opening. It is the original radiator. Can this be repaired and if so, since the crack is completely accessible, would the radiator need to be removed? Who does this type of work? If I need a new one, other than the dealer, what type shops install them? How much should this cost? On another problem, for about 6 months, the ABS light has been coming on and off. It can do so when it is raining or not, simply by applying the breaks. The light will be off for say four days, I will start the car and it will come back on. I could turn the car off, turn it back on and light could stay off. That said, there must be a problem and it is not electrical. I always know when applying the breaks when the ABS light is about to come back on. I can both hear what sounds to be a "grind" and I will feel it in the break peddle. Any thoughts on this problem and where to go to get it fixed. Thanks.