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  1. Knew there was something I forgot to mention. I did the check as it was in the manual by bridging the +B and FP circuit on the diagnostic box. I could hear the fuel pump and the injectors. From what I understood, there was no reason to suspect the fuel pump. Was I wrong in assuming this?
  2. Will certainly change the plugs. Thanks DC! I was actually planning on doing that but I can't seem to find anyone that carries Denso around here. I found the NGK and Autolite but that was it other than the ones I have now. I checked the TPS but it is giving some really weird readings so I've decided to replace it anyway. I found one that is tested and warranteed on ebay for $30 so that should be here at least by Tuesday. Should I check anything else in the meantime? My friend did some kind of check while I was gone and he keeps telling me that I'm getting fuel but it's not enough to keep it
  3. Update: Just finish the compression check. The specs show they are supposed to be between 142 minimum and 178 max. I've got 165 to 178. Soooo it's not the compression. Just out of curiosity, I checked the plugs again so that I knew the plugs and wires were okay at least. Each one of them fired but a couple of them were kind of an orange-ish color and not white/blue like I've heard they are supposed to be. They are Bosch platinum plugs. The manual says that this vehicle runs best on platinum tipped plugs. So my question is, is there something wrong with them or could it be the distributor cap
  4. Thank you for that reply. I've just re-checked the timing, just to make sure and for peace of mind I suppose. I have not checked compression as of yet. My friend has a compression gauge but he keeps telling me that it doesn't "act" like it's a compression issue. However, I think I'm going to do that next anyway. Again, just to make sure and for peace of mind. As for the cold start, I took it out and cleaned it thoroughly and as much as it could possibly be cleaned, then put it back in. I didn't think that would fix the issue of it running when I give it gas but another "just to make sure".
  5. I've went through everything I can think of to try and figure this out but I'm completely stumped. I have a 1993 ES300 V6. I'm getting tired of working on this thing so I really need help figuring this out. I do NOT have enough money to pay a garage to find and fix it for me so I'm doing this all myself. I would appreciate any input so I can make a list of things to check. I would also appreciate it if I could get a "How to" on whatever it is I'm checking. Here's my issue: It is very hard to start at first but after at least 10-20 tries, it finally does and it will idle. As soon as I tr
  6. Thanks everyone. Got a new gasket just in case.
  7. Hi,, I actually deleted that doc. Let me know what year your car is, and your email. This site will not let me post doc (I think you have to have a paid membership to do that). Anyway, I can put that together again and email that to you.

  8. Hi, I have the same vehicle that you do. I noticed on one of the threads that you mentioned sending a doc that explains camshaft timing marks and pulley placement fairly well. Could you possibly contact me. I'm in real need of it right now.

  9. Hey guys, I have a 93 ES300 3V. I just replaced the head gaskets, along with some others. After installing all of it, I realized that no.5 cylinder had no compression. Long story short, it was a stuck valve, which I fixed. I had to take the head back off again but have still not started the car. I was wondering that since I haven't cranked/started the car, can I use the same head gasket that is still new?
  10. Okay I'm not getting any emails telling me I have a response and yes I did the whole "email me when" thing. LOL Anywho, I took all of the stuff back I could see at least under the valve cover and I found out that the valves are stuck down only on that one side. I've been trying to figure out a way to get them to pop back up and lube the crap outta them but it seems I'm just going to have to take the head back off again. My friend, who thinks he knows what he's doing, started banging on the side of the head with a hammer and then he took a piece of wood and banged on top of t
  11. Thanks fish, I already had that diagram but I will email you that beer anyway. I just found out too that my no. 5 cylinder has no compression if you or anyone else can tell me what to look for to figure out why? I'll email you a 6 pack if you can help with that one. Oh and, if the timing is off, will that cause it not to have compression in one cylinder? I read a few things in searching and that's the only thing that has come up so far.
  12. I posted this once on here and then on a few other sites as well but never got a single response. I don't think anyone knows the answer to this problem. Do I need to just junk my car or what? :cries: I read my other post again and realized it sounded a bit confusing in itself so here I am trying this again. I searched all of the post and really came up with no answer on what to do about this. I have the 3vzfe engine on a 93 Lexus ES300 V6 and it had a blown head gasket which was really bad. I replaced the gasket both head gaskets, along with quite a few others, the water pump, radiator, etc..
  13. Sorry I still haven't gotten anything from anyone on 4 different sites yet and no one seems to know the answer to this either.
  14. I searched all of the post and really came up with no answer on what to do about this. I have the 3vzfe engine on a 93 Lexus ES300 V6 and it had a blown head gasket which was really bad. I replaced the gasket both head gaskets, along with quite a few others, the water pump, radiator, etc... I did not get a new timing belt because the one that's on it looks almost brand new but it had none of the marks on it. I did mark the TB with the marks on the pulleys and TB cover but that's the only place I marked it. I'm now getting everything together and am at the point where I have the crankshaft on "
  15. I'm having the same problem with mine. 93 es300. After setting the front cams to the aligning "single dots" and then setting the rear to the double dots, the belt pulley is off but my manual doesn't tell to turn the crankshaft, camshaft or anything else to get the pulley lined up with the timing mark on the #3 belt cover. I'm lost and not sure what to do from here. Did you ever find out whether to set everything to TDC, including the distributor and then turn the rear camshaft until it is lined up with the marking on the cover? Also, am I supposed to put the belt back on before I turn the rear
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