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  1. The manual has to be extremely on the safe side because of the whole bonkers legal system in the US. I have left my RX standing still for over 2 months without any issues.
  2. If only the HS was a WAGON!
  3. I think the manual indicates which preset to change if you don't want the screen to go back to maps automatically.
  4. All these prepaid offers never pay off in the end. I made the mistake of taking the service costs prepaid program; it is a waste of money.
  5. No, it's not just you. I think it looks absolutely hideous, and useless and even dangerous for anybody who comes in contact with it, instead of the front part of the car that is designed to minimise impact with pedestrians and such.. but hey.. if you really like it.. why not.
  6. Correct, but with 2 different phones you have to go to the menu and tell the car that it has to look for the other phone. Unfortunately it does not change these settings by itself.
  7. Some good things also may have some bad sides... -Hidden wiper: nightmare to replace -front bumper/ grill treatment: expensive damage in a small crash The shape is another question, a matter of taste. Personally I think the new RX is way to bland. It lost character, looks like many other cars around and will not end up on my drive way.
  8. Happened to me too. Dealer replaced the windshield in warranty.
  9. Yep, depending on the amount of extras on the car, around 40K would be good. Do not wait for the new RX, save your money on a car that is almost identical and much better looking. (Yep Lexus, you lost me as a potential new RX buyer, it is way to bland looking)
  10. I tried the new Rx, albeit a non hybrid version. Here some of my impressions: -Exterior, design wise, it starts to grow on me.. I still prefer the 2nd gen RX though. Some clever details; I like the new mirrors and their placement, I like the hidden rear wiper, although wonder how to change it, I like the keyless entry -Trunk: wider loading areas, but no more little compartments underneath, no easy way of keeping grocery bags or similar right up. Hatch opens a bit higher than previous, but still to low for me (6.3), easy handle to flatten rear seats. -back seats: noticeably more legroom. 2 dvd screens seem a bit to much to me, I prefer 1 roof mounted screen. -Drivers seat: even more comfortable than 2nd gen RX, cooled seats are a nice touch, dash is nice, navi screen is better placed, the control thing is easy to use, much better than I thought, one large centre armrest with deep bin underneath. I did pinch my fingers badly while moving the arm rest forward, so watch out! Shift stick is hiding heating controls when in P, heating controls are a bit random, no logic there, interior color schemes are as before, and personally I think they are very ugly.. The only combinations acceptable for me are al black with darkwood or what I currently have grey with black wood, if only Lexus would offer a choice of wood replacements, like brushed metal or full leather or piano finish or just a more modern type of wood... Nav is much better, voice control is usable now. Drive: nice, a little bit more sportier than before, a bit better in the corners, a bit faster, less noise. All in all small improvements, nothing dramatic. O yes, the new red is nice!
  11. Heated windshield wiper... I think most drivers in snowy areas seem to be able to cope without.
  12. in europe we had three, china had some. the recalls started in china and please note that this problem is affecting IS and GS as well, but see yourself here Toyota to highway administration So, from what I read the potential defect could lead to some loss of power assistance when turning, not inverting. But it was fun to read this thread again...
  13. It is a rebadged Toyota Avensis. I was hoping for a wagon, so ot happy personally. But since there is a wagon version of the Avensis.. I have hope. Anyway, the exterior is rather bland and bourgeois, so it will sell well, but it is not my taste. THe inside.. from the pics I've seen looks hideous. That square part of the dash sticking out, the placement of the wood here and there.. just don't get it.
  14. Agreed.. it is just another way of making money.
  15. My understanding the new model is coming out Feb 2009. Exactly, it is coming out Feb 2009, and the hybrid a few months after that. A bigger engine? No way... why? To go even faster from one stoplight to the other? I was hoping for a smaller engine, the 2.5 they offer in Japan.