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  1. Hi Obtain a stethoscope and use it to pinpoint the location of the sound while someone else drives the car. DGA
  2. Its called the 'clunk-in-the-trunk'. It appears to be the gas level measuring mechanism. It occurs when the tank is full but not at 3/4 or below. Do a search for more on this topic. Don
  3. I am surprised that the tire looked dinky. The outer diameter of the 215/55/17 is 26.3" (stock) vs 25.9" for the 225/50/17. I would not have thought that 0.4" would affect the look i.e. wheel well gap, very much.
  4. No flare issue noted in my 08 with 3500 km since new in January.
  5. The "piston slap" noise is there for all the 08 cars once the ambient temperature of the engine on cold start-up is below 50 deg. It looks like it may be cold enough over night in Boston during the next few days to hear this effect if your car is in an unheated environment. These are great cars and the noise is no big deal.
  6. So that would suggest that keeping the stock 17 inch wheels but going tp 225/50/17 tires from the stock 215/55/17 should be no problem re clearance. Am I correct??? Thanks.
  7. The Blackberry 87XX and 88XX models are fully compatible with my 08 ES350 Premium (no NAV) and my 09 RX350 Premium (with NAV).
  8. Which Toyos are you buying and what size are they? How do you like them on your ES?
  9. Has anyone moved to a plus 0 tire fitment on the 17 in. wheel i.e 225/50/17? What tire model was used? eg. Toyo Proxes 4 Please share your experiences.
  10. AZ - Great analogy! I am also in the software biz and I would also assume that the tranny is linked to some sort of algorithmic rules, which given our processing power in autos today may create some lag/latency response issues. The ES is simply not designed for the "sports" enthusiast driver. This car was designed for the soft, luxury cruises; not the race track. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the thoughtful analysis and comments. This issue is hardly a real problem. It is more of an annoyance. However, the operation of this tranny does se
  11. I have a 2008 es with 2k on it. Works well except for transmission lag. I describe this as the tranny going quickly into higher gears, say 3 or 4, when the car's speed is less that 20 mph. I guess this action is to offer the best fuel economy. If you want accelerate a little more quickly, then the tranny has to shift down to 2 or 3 to offer any pep. This takes an extra 1 second causing the perception of 'lag' or lack of 'pep'. Is there a software upgrade that limits 'premature' upshifts at low speeds to promote more pep and less lag at the expense of a little less fuel economy???? My dealer s
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