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  1. 1st it was the o2 sensor's had those replaced, now the engine light is on again and it's throwing codes 13 (RPM Circuit #2) and 24 (Intake Air Temperature sensor). When u start the car if just sputter's and shut's off unless u give it some gas but once u let off of the gas it shut's off. any suggestions??? thx
  2. check engine light and trac light came on, codes was 21-27 and 28-29, front and rear 02 sensors, i had them replaced at the shop with Denso oe identical fit 02 sensors they cleared the codes and one day later the check engine is back on showing the same codes, i unhooked the battery for 10mins, hooked it back up and guess what? the check engine light is back on showing the same codes again!!! what should i do next??? thx for your help
  3. I have a 92sc400 with 123,000 miles on it was driving on the hiway i let off the gas and the car stalled, it will start but won't idle unless u hold your foot and the gas, cel and trac light came on i tried to check codes TE1 and E1 (diagnostic) and the engine light just flashed repeatedly non-stop, am i doing something wrong? i want to check codes before i get it towed to the shop. thx
  4. Japanese parts is located at the End of Lamb Blvd has all kinds of parts for Lexus and Toyota. You can get all the parts you need from there. Good luck Thanks. I will have to check them out. nice ride you'll enjoy it! welcome to the club
  5. wow man this is perfect timing my car is doing the same thing once it's warmed up idle surge from 1000-2000 where can i get a repair manual?? thx
  6. you can get them cheaper than that check out it's a good site with 02 sensors, wires, plugs, filters.
  7. how do you change the orange (marker) light that's on the front bumper (drivers side) does the lens pop out? or what's the trick :D
  8. I had that happen to me I have a 92 SC400 had it check out and was told that i needed to replace the 2 front 02 sensors, don't no about the radiator light, i have 120,000 miles on mine, let us no what you find out. good luck
  9. ok thx i'll have to buy one of those
  10. yes i do the main oxygen sensor circuit, 21 is for the left main bank o.s.c 28 is for the right bank main o.s.c ok thx
  11. 1992 sc400 anyone no what engine code #21 and #28 mean?? thx
  12. hello i have 1992 sc400 and the coolant light comes on after about 15mins of driving, coolant level is full and i have no coolant leaks could it be the water pump going bad? has anyone else had this problem?? thx
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