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  1. i have the stock radio and changer set up. thats a good thought on the trunk light and hood light. i know the trunk closed button controls the changer's power. is there a way to tell if you find the short? on other cars if the car is off there is no continuity between the positive and ground.(diconnected from battery) same with the ls400?
  2. I have a 92 LS400. i have something draining the battery. Anybody know if there is a typical problem spot that i could start with? alternator is good and the battery is a week old.
  3. is the soleniod on the pump itself? on mine there are no elect. connections. problem cleared up by it self. must have been a plugged.
  4. this might be a dumb question but, how do you clean it? are you talking about the valve that the vac. hoses connect to?
  5. thanks a lot i will try that
  6. I checked it, but i will check it again. any other ideas? This seems to be a common problem.
  7. I replaced the PSP with a refurb. Everthing seemed to go fine, but at low speeds the power assit is not working. Any suggestions? are there any sensors involed? any help would good, thanx '92 LS400
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