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  1. The door jamb of my ES300 has a plate that indicates proper tire pressure is 27 PSI. comments anyone? :huh:
  2. I have done all maintenance religiously since I have had the car at 45K. It now has 145K. My 1997 has been a charm. i change the oil every 3500 miles and have changed all the other fluids on schedule as well. How many miles can I expect to get out of the original engine? It is not burning a drop of oil yet. I also drive like an old !Removed!.
  3. The door jamb tire pressure information plate says 27lbs. That seems way too low. I have never had them that low. The dealer puts 32 in them when I have oil changes. Can someone who really knows shed some light on this? I am usually a single passenger on 20 mile round trips. The tire dealer says that you should never put less than 32 and really should put in 36 if you want good gas mileage. I get 23 MPG around town.
  4. I have friends who tell me that buying premium gas is a waste. Others say that the car's engine has to !Removed! the timing and the engine gets hotter to compensate if you don't use premium gas. I have done tests over many miles that seem to indicate that I get a few miles more per gallon. thoughts guys and gals? B)
  5. Wow I have a 97 es300 that I purchased in 2003 with 50K. I now have 145K on it. Had to replace strut mounts which dealer paid for as part of extended warranty. I do maintenance religiously including tran oil, coolant, tuneups etc. Runs like a charm and because it is garaged it is in good shape. The question is regarding the timing belt. Mine was changed at 75K. do I change it at 150? I was planning to do so. I love the car and want to drive as long as possible. Any suggestions from mechanics or folks in the know? Knik :)
  6. This post is exactly like one posted in 2005????? I just joined this forum. ???
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