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  1. You must be referring to a deep-discharge battery. Yellow top batteries were designed for deep discharge applications, such as for high-amp stereo equipment. As such they do not normally last as long as a standard lead-acid in less-demanding applications. Typical vehicles with no heavy-drain aftermarket equipment do not need a Yellow Top or other Marine-type battery. Your car is going to have a constant draw of probably 6 to 10.5 volts when turned off. I would assume our cars sit more than being driven.
  2. I know in our shop we use agm and gel for applications that have no constant charging system such as powered wheel chairs and scooters. The battery will be discharged often times completely and then given a full recharge. This would cause a quick rate of sulfation on a standard lead acid but the agm and gel are much more forgiving. Again this is just my 2 cents worth.
  3. can someone tell me what size the screen is in this car?
  4. I would disagree(i hope you don't take offense) because the agm is going to handle the discharge and recharge better than a standard lead acid. remember that the battery is going to sulfate due to the parasitic draw of the car then having to recharge they want to see a constant charge so if you had a trickle charger on the standard lead acid then I would agree that it would have maybe similar cycles. If not agm would not be damaged as much as the lead acid. Just my opinion.
  5. yes he is correct you could use a line out converter also known as a hi to low converter. You would connect it to your factory speaker leads then run the rca's from it to the amp.
  6. An AGM is going to have more cycles than a standard lead acid. You can get cheaper than optima.
  7. the speaker sizes are pretty straight forward are you concerned about depth?
  9. I would have to agree that it is probably no longer a good unit. If the dealership is going to charge you 800.00 for one go to an after market shop you can get a much nicer radio for that kind of money. Sorry for the bad news. Do you have steering wheel controls? If you do are they working?
  10. Was it a 6 disk in dash or a single cd that you had in there before?
  11. That is a good unit that he is recommending. You can also look at Autopage,Code Alarm Systems, Ultrastart, there is also DEI products these are all good choices. Prestige is made by Audiovoxx that is the parent company to Code Alarm Systems. Here is the information on the bypass you will need. XK05 Programmable Immobilizer Data Override interface is preloaded with upgradeable firmware for late model Toyota/Lexus vehicles including Smart-Key Push-to-Start type ignition systems-'07 Camry. XK05 temporarily overrides the factory immobilizer when remote starting while maintaining the integrity of the manufacturer's anti-theft system. *Programmable firmwares available for Honda/Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan/Infiniti & GM. Features: Xpresskit includes Free and unlimited access to updates and new firmware solutions as new vehicle platforms are released. Xpresskits are user programmable and upgradeable, making obsolete and excess inventory a thing of the past, plus you don’t have the expense of stocking as many parts. Every XPRESSKIT is shipped preloaded with default firmware that provides the most comprehensive combination of valued features, functions and vehicle coverage. For this reason even if you do not have a computer you can still benefit from the best technology has to offer, right out of the box. Tomorrows’ technology is just a click away, however still the most valuable reason for choosing XPRESSKIT are the PRELOADED features that provide right out of the box functionality. Local manufacturing allows each XPRESSKIT to be flashed with the absolute latest firmware just prior to shipping ensuring that you have compatibility with the latest vehicle releases. XPRESSKIT interfaces the past, present and future whether you have a computer or not. * Preloaded with the latest firmware covering the most popular vehicles. * Pack full of the primary features and functions you need most. * Built in D2D port (data to data) for easy upgrades and programming. * Dual purpose D2D communication port also connects with D2D enabled remote start systems. * Upgradeable via PC / Internet / Handheld. * Enhanced security when using D2D secure single wire data override. * Wire to Wire compatible with any brand remote start & security system (W2W). * Compatible with manufacturer's Factory On Board anti-theft & content theft security system. * Secure data transfer maintains integrity of factory anti-theft & alarm system. * Compact, durable design is easy to mount and built for extreme weather. * NKR - No Key Required for operation means vehicle owner does not have to give up a key. * Simple, straight forward instructions and programming means time saving installs.
  12. I wouldnt worry about installers messing with your wiring most of us have done more expensive cars. I am sure your car will be safe. Its actually not the wires that are the hard part its getting to them.
  13. Ok from what I can tell your going to have 6.5 in the doors so that makes 4, 2 2" tweeters in the front you may have 2 in the rear so that would make 8 the sub would be 9 and is there one in the dash? Im not positive and none of my reference sites are giving me the option to put in the 10 speaker system. let me know.
  14. Do you plan to do the install yourself? You would be surprised to find out that it may not be more cost effective to buy the speakers yourself and then pay for the install. Most shops will discount labor if the product is purchase through them and also you may not get a warranty from the shop since it isn't their product leaving you to send everything back to where you bought it from. I know for our shop we usually charge 45 dollars a set to install speakers if we have to remove door panels but if you buy the speakers from us it may only be 20 in labor again depends on the car. I will look and see if I can find all of your speaker sizes for you. Hope this helps.
  15. can you measure the actual dept my tech site says that its a 4" depth I was wondering if you could possibly fit 5 " depth. if not you could use a shallow sub. Kenwood Cadence there are a lot of options. I would recommend something with hight sensitivity then you can use less power to get great sound. I hope this helps.
  16. I dont believe it would have anything to do with each other but I could be wrong. I know the car needs to start but once its started the alternator should charge as normal. I could be wrong but I dont think I am. I hope this helps. If you battery is bad it could cause your alternator to not read fully.
  17. Sure you can get better deals online but if your getting work done at the shop maybe they will offer you a discount if you add the rest of the stuff. I know we do at our shop. It would be nice if you would buy it from them. Is it a big shop or a small shop your getting the work done at?
  18. Depending on what they carry a few nice line are JL or Cadence also Memphis or Cerwin Vega, Sound Stream is also nice. It really just depends on what you want to spend. You also have to remember that these speakers are able to hand le more wattage than your going to be giving them from your stereo so your not going to get the full potential. If you have the money to add a 4 channel amp while getting the work done you will have a world of difference. There are a couple also
  19. Can you get to the rear speakers in the trunk? If not here is the information for your car. Why are you not changing your stock radio? Battery BLUE/YELLOW (+) RADIO HARNESS Accesory GRAY (+) RADIO HARNESS Ground WHITE/BLACK (-) RADIO HARNESS Illumination GREEN/WHITE (+) RADIO HARNESS Power Antenna RED/BLACK (+) RADIO HARNESS Amp Turn On BLACK/ORANGE (+) RADIO HARNESS LF Speaker (+) BLACK LF Speaker (-) WHITE RF Speaker (+) PINK RF Speaker (-) ORANGE LR Speaker (+) RED LR Speaker (-) GREEN RR Speaker (+) LIGHT GREEN RR Speaker (-) VIOLET Radio Security YEs
  20. No it isnt bad again im not in nyc so i dont know what the prices are there but it isnt bad. Are they providing the mounting kit? They will have to hardwire the stereo.
  21. Are they providing the bluetooth adapter and the rearview camera and Ipod cable, mounting kit? Sounds like a good price. they will have to do a hardwire I cant find a harness that is compatible.
  22. I had one put in my '03 GS 300 about 2 months ago. The wiring harness came with it. Have you tried contacting Pioneer? Outside of that the only thing I can think of is to check on eBay. Otherwise, it will have to be a custom job. For what it's worth, you'll love it when it's in. I just looked in the box again and there is a wire harness. but is it compatible to my car. Forgive me for being such a novice on this issue. Here's the pic of what I have. Should this be all I need????????? Those all go to the stereo. You want a harness that you can wire up to those wires and plug in to your factory harness. Unfortunately they dont make one. What I would recommend are red t-taps and male spades. you will t-tap to the factory wires and then you will put the male spades on the pioneers harness and then plug them in. You will also need to bypass the brake wire function so you can watch movies while driving. Remember doing the brake bypass is not legal. I hope this helps. you should be able to find a shop that will do this for a fair price.
  23. Aftermarket is excellent. Remember the ones that come factory are made by an aftermarket company. DEI is a good company which is who makes clifford or viper I personally think they are overpriced. Autopage, Code, Prestige,UltraStart I would recommend a 2 way system that will have a screen on one of the remotes allowing you to see if the car is started or what was activated such as shock sensor or door being opened. I would say use the Autopage I really like them. I hope this helps.
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