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  1. Rockauto has the sensors. It is fairly easy to DIY because it is plug and play.
  2. The 2006 is not compatable with the 2003. You will need a Gen 2/3 Disc. Not sure which version I have for the one I took out but you are welcome to it since I have upgraded my 2003. It is just collecting dust and I really dont know what to do with it. Ping me back with your address and I will send it if you would like.
  3. The key word here is OFFSET. I am running 20x8.5 F (22 Off) and 20x10.5 R (25 Off). With 245 F and 255 R. with no rubbing issues. Stock is 38 Offset so it will all depend on the offset of the rim and size of the tire.
  4. Did you use a spring compressor and remove the strut mount off the arm? That is all I needed when I did mine a few weeks ago.
  5. Courtesy lights are 194, BA9s for the map lights and 31mm for the main. You can find it all on EBAY if you use the search with the numbers provided.
  6. Not sure if all the cars were fitted with this but if you remove your right cover in the trunk you may find the wiring for the 3rd brake light. If not then you will have to go directly from the third brake light housing to make your connections. The good news is that the housing can be removed without taking the whole shelf off. The bad is that you will have to route your wires to it. It will be easier if you remove the covers from your trunk.
  7. Both sensors are located about a foot of each other. Remove your air intake box and hose you will have access to both. Both will be visible once the intake box and hoses are removed. First one located near the exhaust manifold and the other just under your Cap and rotor. Your better off replacing both at the same time but really up to you. Sorry if it sounds redundant but I dont have pictures so I want to make sure you got the jest of what needs to come off.
  8. Almost sounds like when I had to change my head gasket. Have you checked your coolant for any tell tale signs of oil? When it came close to failure, there always seemed to be a bubble trapped in the Coolant lines and I had to run it with the cap off til it released. Dont know why the toyota dealership looked at you funny, it is a NA supra and all share the same symptoms.
  9. There should be like 9 bolts that hold your door in place. One located at the tweeter (Remove the cover) 3 underneath, two at the hand rest, two in the front, and one at the actual door handle itself. It is only a plastic cover that you need to pry out. A skinny screwdriver should do the trick.
  10. Had the same thing happen but not sure if that was the code that I had. It had something to do with the gas cap not being tight or a sensor in the gas tank.
  11. The stock wiring for a dvd player is under the shift panel. It will be on the top right and if not mistaken, will be a white plug. You can tap all your wires into that.
  12. The stock wiring for a dvd player is under the shift panel. It will be on the top right and if not mistaken, will be a white plug. You can tap all your wires into that.
  13. Cabin filter is located under the passenger dash. Just get under there and look up to see the panel. Two screws is all it is. When you pull it out, you will know how bad your filter is. I have heard of some vehicles not even having one and being very musky. Just clean it out when you install your filter and you should be fine
  14. I also have an 04 GX - I bought a 9" clarion and had it installed by a local shop. It has a FM mod so you have to tune your radio to a certain frequency to get the sound from the speaker system. The clarion comes with two sets of wireless headphones which are really good. The picture is one of the best in business. My advice would be to go with a good name brand. Saving a few buck on this is not worth it. My installation cost about $150 and the tech did an excellent job he got the power wired straight from the battery with additional fuses etc. Really clean job and would recommend him if you a
  15. Just another option if you can not find a load resistor is to use the front running lights as a turn signal. All you need to do is splice into the front signal wire to the running light and cap off the positive from the running light. I am referring to the front side amber lights.
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