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  1. Look in your spare tire area for the mounting bracket, I've read others have found them there.
  2. Does anyone know how to checkout the input turbine speed sensor and the counter gear speed sensor located on top of the transmission. I don't have a ck eng lt on and am wondering if I can remove the sensors to troubleshoot them or do I have to have the ecm (engine control module) scanned to troubleshoot the sensors for any faults that are not showing up. I am having 1-2 and 2-3 upshift slipping when cold only, on a rebuilt transmission. Shifted fine for the first 1200 miles now its acting up and have read other owners who have had success after replacing sensor(s). Fluid is full with type IV. 2001 RX300 fwd Thankyou
  3. Does anyone know how to checkout the two transmission sensors ? Not sure what you mean by using a magnet. Do you look for resistance being in range or opens with a meter.
  4. the two sensors are located underneath the air box on top of the transaxle right near the battery and the bell housing. i called the dealership and they haven't even heard of it... i explained what happen and they still are suggesting a new trainy what penny pinchers. i fixed the problem but was just lookin for new sensors.. What is the checkout for the two sensors on top of the tranny? Are you checking the Resistance value, if so, do they have to be removed from the tranny ?