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  1. 1. post the letter 2. What patent? They invented nothing. They are replacing a light with another light, both made by someone else. 3. Where does it say on their site, that they are authorized by Lexus, and then to be the only ones at that?! 4. Yeah the needles looked nice, but the tach was never the same. The speedometer was off, and so was the gas gauge. Even the temperature gauge was screwed. So, Post the letter!!! All he did was pull a common legal gamble, get a lawyer to write a letter for $100, and see if it scares someone off, legal or not, just to see if it works. and guess what, IF there was something to this, patents run out of time after awhile.
  2. I have 240/40-18's, they fill in the wheel well nicely, and handle nice, be sure you have someone who knows how to do a 4 wheel alignment with this size tire. I had my rear set go in no time do to a bad alignment.
  3. new parking breaks were put on, and now when the parking break is applied, the brakes dont want to release. I can get it to release somewhat by rocking car back and forth.
  4. i think you MAY have been right! because it went from severeeeee squealing to now its basically gone...every now and then i hear a tiny squeal...but now that i tihnk of it, when i was deliverin pizza the other night, i had to park on an inclined driveway where i had to really applly the E-brake up and a few times! hopefully this has done the trick because i bought pads but dont have a clamp so i cant do them yet lolol :D thank you for the replies ! i'll keep you posted I just read this, in searching for a solution to a similiar problem. You deliver pizza in an sc400? AWESOME!!! I hope you still get tips when they see that.
  5. OK they work!!! After looking at my manual and actually reading the thing, and following the instructions I got them to work, and both buttons programmed for that matter. I am liking this. because............I am 6'3" memory position 1 and my 14 year old son who has his drivers license now, is like a foot shorter, well so is my wife for that matter. they both use position 2. So much nicer than !Removed! around with the seats every time after one of them use it.
  6. yep aggravation factor a good term there. OK OK back to the memory seats. lol
  7. thanks. I suppose with that all torn down it is a good time to do distributers, power steering pump?
  8. thanks for the info. Over a grand ouch.
  9. I understood what he meant, what my question is about, still stands. Where is the ECU physically located for the memory seats.
  10. where is the ecu for this function?
  11. does this have anything to do with my drivers seat not going back to the drive position after i move it up after retrieving something from the back, the passenger seat works , but the drivers seat does not.
  12. Well there is something wrong with that chart. Because if you look at what 'denotes' what. Your going to tell me the '98-'00 SC 400 has a different motor than the '98-'00 LS400? Or from the '98-'00 GS400?
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/MP3-player-for-TOYOTA-...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  14. OK, I found the location to mount it. The holes on the floor of the trunk were covered with tape. The wiring harness was all there. Plugged it in and it worked like it is suppose to at the head unit. The big difference is the carpet isnt cutaway for the cd changer. And the cd changer doesnt have the rug on it. I suppose i will just have to keep my eyes open for the proper trunk rug to fit. (at a decent price of course). But all in all, i got it, thanks for all the replys.
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