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  1. I did not lock your thread, but I will explain it to you. Because your childish rantings are annoying, they stir up trouble, and everyone is tired of them. This forum is not here for your little pretend games, lying saying that you took the emblems off to "trick" us into telling you where you can buy IS300 emblems, all the whining you've done before this about seats and lies, etc. This isn't junior high, if you can't conduct yourself like an adult we don't want you here. You're a troll, and we don't allow trolls here. So knock it off, or we're going to show you the door. One word, one bleeped out name you call me or anyone else, one more flamebait thread, and you're done. Hahahaha this forum is as good as dead anyway. It takes forever for anyone to respond and ya usually get 2 replies anyway. I'm the only reason why this forum gets any traffic. I gave y'all about 1000 views and 60 some replies in like 2 days for a COMPLETELY LEGIT question. Thanks to all that helped me on here and F all the "management" haha yeah that's right
  2. I don't understand why my other post got locked...I'm doing 7.1 and they said 7.9 Why would they do that??
  3. HOOOOOLY crap!! I never took the 250 off. That's nuts!! I think I said that bc I KNEW I'd get loads of garbage if I said I hated the 2 so I just skipped all the drama so I can find a place that sold IS300 or other lettering. Thats nuts though. I guess you can call me a flip flop now but I ain't no liberal let me make myself clear. But yea I flip flopped.
  4. So I 0-60 my car today and I did it in 7.1 seconds. This was on a straight road of course. That's A LOT faster than the 7.9 sec toyota claims So IMO toyota is trying to make people believe that the IS250 is slower than it really is so that folks waste their money on the 350. What a joke. So glad I now know the truth.
  5. So what else is new? What y'all doin for valentines? ima my thang wet if I'm lucky hehe
  6. So what's new? Anyone excited about Valentines?
  7. I'll be the only useful person here. :) No it doesn't hurt the paint. I did it to remove the Dealership badge(it was out of metal) and then made it into a fridge magnet - it says Prestige :) Ok cool. Thanks.
  8. Alabama I represent A place where the cows are big and the people are dumb haha
  9. Japanese writing on a Mustang??? HAHAHHAHAHA LOLILOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL " came with it...". WHAT A JOKE!!! That's like me putting a hemi badge on a PRIUS LOLILOLIMILOLOL
  10. 2 on any car would annoy me. Maybe IS T would be good EXCEPT the is IS NOT turbo Is it?
  11. Yeah ima man up and say that was just me. I'm glad I'm the ONLY one who had an issue with the 2. Consider this thread closed I ain't changing ****.
  12. I had no idea that the 250 was for 2.5 liter Maybe it's in my head. You guys don't think 250 is an ICK number?
  13. Ok ok I just got SUPER mad that judged me like that. Like I said I don't care if it says IS100 I just hate the 2. I'm not trying to put a higher number so people will think better of me. I don't care about that ****. Ok so I might just remove the 250 and put the IS in the 5 and 0 spot. Are you sure the goo stuff won't hurt the paint?
  14. YOU ************!!!! That's not what I'm saying. ****! I don't care if it says IS 100 I JUST HATE THE 2! Now I suggest you tell me how to take it off instead making dumb suggestions. AMG is for Mercedes DUH!
  15. I really hate the "250" number on the back of the car. It makes the car sound so cheap. That 2 really really bugs me. It reminds of the entry level ES250 from WAY back in the day. The fact that the IS is entry level doesn't bother me. The NUMBER bothers me it just sounds so low like a two series car. UGH! So finally I have promised myself I will change it. I plan to buy an IS300 badge from Lextasy and put it on. Any other badge ideas? I was thinking about taking off the 250 and moving the IS to the 5 and 0 spot but that would get too complicated. HOW DO I REMOVE THE "250" FROM MY CAR?
  16. wow i had NOOO clue what that meant. i was like OPOS...sounds like something from willy wonka
  17. That's one of the craziest most interesting things I've heard in a while. Duh there's a problem! A big one! the steering wheel always centers itself after turning...i guess thats why its called power steering maybe you got an IS without power steering? :P
  18. I was told there was no break in period. I can't remeber how I drove it though. Probably just normal. But you guys are making a big deal out of it what's going to happen if one used cruise?
  19. The IS250 reaches the speed limit quite swiftly. I pull out of my neighborhood I can't drive more than 35mph. I reach it pretty swiftly. Next I go about 50mph. 35mph-55mph is not bad. Next I get on the interstate and 55-80mph is pretty good too. So basically from 0mph-80mph might not be too good. But for normal driving the IS250 is fine. WITH THAT SAID. I took my car out the other day after not driving for a while and BOY was the car feeling slow. I checked the tire pressure and my rear tires were 10 (TEN) POUNDS BELOW!!! Filled it up and now it's good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my question is this What other things can I look at besides tire pressure to ensure my car is accelerating the best it can?
  20. I've heard both. Some people say ML is unbelievable others say they can't tell. IMO if it was THAT much greater than why the heck wouldn't Lexus offer it? They make VERY VERY few with ML. So since that's the would think their stock sound system must be PRETTY DARN GOOD if I can't even find an IS with better... And IMO I think the stock sounds quite great!
  21. Yeah the engine is noisy...if you're standing OUTSIDE. Inside you can't hear anything really...and if you got music on then you're more than good. Also I'm glad you mentioned that little buzz from the steering wheel when you turn on the car...I never noticed it until I read this thread and now I realize... I LOVE THAT NOISE lol! It sounds so high tech!
  22. I know how you guys must feel not having that feature. I don't have an automatic steering wheel and it USED to bother me. Now I'm like how crazy was I to even give a **** about that when I've got wood, ventilated seats, push start, and a million other nice things. Also, you can't forget your in a LEXUS! So if you really want one b/c you feel bad not having it realize your in a LEXUS and that it's got soooo much more than what most people have. If you want it because you need a GPS try Best Buy you can get GREAT GPS systems.
  23. ...AFS works great for me...don't try to see if your headlights are moving instead just look in front of you on the road. You'll notice there is always light right in front of you even while turning hence AFS. I don't care for radar guided cruise control b/c I usually NEVER slow down behind someone...I just down shift and pass right by...
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