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  1. that sucks considering excessive brake dust comes from over wearing the brake pads, so worn brakes is part of the problem...
  2. Hello all, I have the Potenza RE050, and the dealer says my front tires are totally worn out. I'm a casual driver in NYC and the car only has 13,222 miles on it. Do these tires actually die that fast? And if i have to get them replaced i would rather get all season. Does anyone know if i can get all season front tires and leave the two back summer tires mixed together or is that unsafe? Sorry if this is a noob question! Thanks for any help!
  3. Sorry to beat a old thread with a stick, but i just came back from the dealership with 13222 mileage and they refused to replace my brakes for free. They said the brakes i have right now are worn down to the metal. Should i just get them replaced out of pocket or try another lexus dealer near me? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey guys, i had no idea where to put his post but this seems like a good place. My warranty recently ran out on my laptop so i decided to paint it. And i wanted to go with something that matched my car. Black/Gold emblems. Now heres a picture of the Laptop before: After some research, paint shopping, a day of disassembling, coating, and reassembling this is the end product: All it needs now is a layer or two of clearcoat. I hope you guys like it!
  5. Thanks for the info but Sw03ES scared me with his swirl city remark lol. Anyone know a good touchless place around nyc?
  6. Maybe ill check that place out... i go to NJ often, you got a name or a location? Thanks!
  7. I dont know anything but I'd love to attend! Let me know if you find out some more details!
  8. Hey I've an Obsidian black IS350, and everywhere i turn people tell me not to go to an automatic drive through car wash with it. Now normally i dont mind washing my car in my driveway by hand but the problem is its winter right now and its way too cold here to wash it, but the dirt is really settling and i need to do something. Will the paint really develop swirl marks? Thanks for any help! Oh and let me know if you like the Mini IS i made on my avatar! lol.
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