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  1. I have two HID headlight assemblies for sale Both are as is. they have broken tabs but complete with everything else, ballast, bulb. $75 each plus shipping
  2. dc, how is the radio faceplate attached on the 98-00 units? Is it screwed on or does it have some adhesive? thanks tkh
  3. It is I.......I dabble in the lexusowners every once and awhile. How are you Jim! Trying to get the Naka style without the Naka stereo headaches like you said. I don't want the actual Naka stereo but I do want the faceplate so it looks like I have the Naka option on my car.....Crazy I know but I added wood steering wheel and shifter for cheap using and thought if I could just snap off the faceplate on a broken Naka and fit it on mine I'd be good as gold, used Naka units go for $65 on car-part. That ASL button is USELESS!!!!! Looks like to me everything is lined up pretty well. How is it attached Jim? Thanks
  4. Have a crazy idea to remove just the faceplate off a Naka and put it on my stock LS radio.......Anyone know if the faceplate can be removed? Is it a snap off, snap on type deal? Thanks tkh
  5. order the license plate mounted regardless, then either put it on your license plate or if you are like me and you have a clear cover over your license plate (keep my plate nice and new and shiney) simple put the ezpass on your dashboard as you go thru and then put it away or it might even work in the center console.
  6. the sunroof on my 98 has an annoying tapping sound when closed that I can stop if I push on the area. Any ideas where this is coming from and a fix? Thanks tkh
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    my ride, KISS (keep it stock stupid)
  8. I had the Motorola kit installed in my car and it works beautifully. The mute for the subwoofer is located in the armrest where the pre-existing wiring for the phone is. James for Audio Depot in Mt Holly NJ did the install and it went very smooth. I will post pics soon. The 1000 blows away the T605 for those that are thinking about buying. I have both and there is no comparison. tkh
  9. I have a 98 LS400 with 53000. Bought it in Mar with 47000 on it. Has been serviced at Lexus since new. CEL came on last Monday. Took it to Firestone ( I know bad idea) they said code was gross evap leak, found vacuum line off purge valve. So they reconnected it and cleared code. Next day, CEL again. Take it back to Firestone and they find same code plus second code, CAT effiency below threshold Bank #2. They do a fuel system cleaning and clear codes. Since the line came off again they put a zip tie on it this time. Next day, CEL back AGAIN!!! This time took it to dealership. They said bad cat converter, $2800 bones!!!! Did a lot of research online and I am unsure as of what do now. I decided to unplug neg cable on battery and see if that would clear code. Well I drove it around my neighborhood for about 15 minutes afterwards getting it up to 55 mph and such and the CEL has not come on. Not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated. k