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  1. Dent Master siad they can't repair it as dent is in a place where they can't access and they do not take bumper off , repair and fix it. Is there any place where they take bumper of f, repair and fix it. Such a small dent (too much money to replace) and can't live with it :(
  2. Only one thing changed since it was working, due to loose contact battery got disconnected and I have connected it back. Does this cause fuse or setting erased from computer ? and its not working as memory erased ? Anyone has any idea... thx.
  3. Hit gently a truck in slow moving traffic on belt-way and there is little(2 quarters size) dent on front bumper, with 2 scratches. So, wanted to take care of it. Just wondering is there any easy of doing it or have to approach professional, how much they might charge ?
  4. I have just noticed my ES 300 heated seats stop working ? Anyway to troubleshoot whats going on, all happned was cleaning carpet and mats couple of times. Is it fuse blown or connections got disconnected ? or what could be te issue which was working perfectly a month ago stop working. Obviously, seats have not been on for heat since a month after we got into spring. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks much. I appreciate your time in replying to my concern on leather care.
  6. SW03ES, Thanks. I'm little picky on using combination products as we don't know how they turn out on long term though it doesn't show any issues initially. Thats why. Personally I like 303 Aerospace Protectant as its not greasy and gives great look and UV protection. So, once the seats are conditioned wanted to protect from the UV rays frequently as we are gonna hit hot summer and mine doesn't have even tinting for which I'm shopping around to get it done soon. Any good place/reference for good tinting work ? Thanks again.
  7. Oh Man! I don't know how each dealership do the service, the prices variation is too much. Cant imagine its 2times the other. Silverspring: $600 Chantily: $872 Rockville: $1250 Not sure who does what, but couple of em trying to rip off... Crazy.
  8. TOGWT, So from what you are telling the 3-step process as outlined below should make lexus leather seats durable/looking good/last longer ? Am I right ? Cleaning - Woolite solution/Leather cleaner Conditioning - Lexol/Other leather conditionaer UV portection - 303 or like product I was wondering there having coat of 303 on lexol will cause any issues ? Thanks for response though.
  9. Anyone used 303 product on leather inplace of Lexol ? I use it on dash and like it very much as its not sticky/greasy and wanted to know feedback on leather. Does it damage Lexus leather seats ? Product doesn't mention its use for Leather thats why I couldn't dare enough to try... Thanks
  10. I do feel that on 1998 ES300(Not sure it does have a filter), could some one throw some light on getting rid of the smell on ES300 Please. Thanks
  11. What about stay home mom never drives 50/100 miles a day, who can only put 5000 miles an year, meaning it takes 20 years to reach 100K miles and something happens after 8 years and around 50K miles,. Its just fate or preferring lexus over other vehicles when she bought. I have seen people using cars more than 12 years with 50/60K miles...
  12. LexusFreak, Dealers are so stupid if you / they don't experience unusual behaviour (in test drive) they are not gonna say its affected, else you have to accept the charges for testing the engine for the problem as its on your request. I don't know howmuch is hourly rate for labourin Toronto, here it is $89. Its crazy for people(who care for their car, before it breaks) to know all these sludge issues and spend.
  13. I don't understand lexus saying this. Well maintained engine is engine no matter howmany miles on it and how old it is. If sludge happens anytime, Lexus should be taking care., Anyway even for 8 years they are not offering free engine without documentation of relevant oil changes and proof that the car has not been neglected from basic maintenance. Why this is valid for only 8 years and 100K miles??? Not a clue.
  14. Thanks for all your responses, I appreciate it. As mine is little forgiving color(diamond white pearl) not metallic like silver and other dark colors I have decided to try Eagle1 products... considering ease of use Wash 1stTime (with diswash liquid to remove existing coat of wax if any) Wash with Clay (to remove contaminants). Wash 2ndTime with Carwash liquid. Dry with microfibre towel or California water blade. Apply Nano Wax (says it includes little polish and helps) Wax As-U-Dry as interim protection between car washes. Advise me if the process is not right and also suggest me some l
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