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  1. no one else has encountered this?
  2. http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/body/fdoorpanel.html There. that one will be better. i think its the real one i used anyways. hope it helps
  3. I think you might have meant to ask me that. I've got the 1990 Celsior. And as far as changing out headlights. i didnt have to. but... i think they just didnt check. might have slipped past.
  4. Awhile ago i hit a curb with my car on the passenger side. Its the left side of my car (JDM import). After that accident my tachometer wouldnt register, actually it sits below zero! however, my speedo still works. When the car's rpm's go high enough then the tach seems to start moving. but it obviously isnt registering at the correct rpm. I'm wondering if a cable came loose or where i should begin to start looking to fix this problem. has anyone else had this happen to them?
  5. Hi! I have the same problem with my LS400 now, where you able to fix yours? That exact same thing happened to me. what i did was i had to take all the inner door pannels of and there was a clip that had broken or slipped off. its basically a metal hanger that connects the inner door handle to the latch in the door. I found an online tutorial of how to take the door apart. mine is a 1990 so it wouldnt help with the 2001. i ended up just taking some zip ties and tying it back together. now it works perfect. it was a pain in the butt to roll down the window every time. hope that helps. http://www.cureline.net/lex/howtos/howto_f...nel_removal.htm i believe that was the link. someone posted it in this forum awhile ago, thats how i found it. but it appears to be under construction.
  6. Ya i actually found that vin on ebay. i wrote it down. i think i'm gonna use that. not the same colour but is cool. i'll just use that to order the parts. i dont care about price cuz i'm not paying it. covered under insurance and everyone here is just too lazy to get parts for it. i'll look into the taprecycling tho too. thanks for the help.
  7. ya the parts i need aren't painted. its chrome. also... i need the windshield washer reservoir. anyone know if that part is the same between the ls400 and the celsior? And just in case someone needs to know, i changed out my tie rod on it. and the driver side tie rods from the LS400 fit the driver side tie rod from a Celsior. took me awhile to figure that out. basically just guessed it would. just needed to be turned upside down.
  8. hey, thanks! no i didnt buy it from sask. i imported it myself. thanks for the tip!
  9. I have a JDM 1990 Toyota Celsior, and when i'm ordering parts i keep getting the third degree from the parts guys cuz its a japanese import. and the bumper moulding should be the same from my 90 celsior to a 90 ls400. basically long story short i'd appreciate if i could have a north american VIN to give the guys at the dealership to order me parts with. it doesnt even have to be a real vin it could be made up, just as long as it resembles a ls400 vin. or if you know somewhere that will order me parts for my 90 celsior.... thanks
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