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  1. You can use Goo Gone on the residual adhesive, or warm water and soap. You may want to warm up the remaining adhesive with a hair dryer or with something similar first.
  2. Yes apparently Lexus has deemed Europeans as capable of operating the nav system while in motion while withholding this feature from North Americans. Perhaps it may also be due to the litigious culture in the US.
  3. Yes upgrading to a newer version will get rid of the need to press I Agree on startup (only with gen5 systems)/
  4. The newer firmware gets installed when you insert the newer dvd, and stays in memory. When you insert the older dvd, it sees that the current firmware installed is newer, and does not install the older firmware. So yes, the nav ecu "remembers" the newer firmware (so the I Agree button goes away). You can revert to older dvd's. I believe the only time when you can is from a newer dvd to version 0.1.
  5. Costco is the best when it comes to warranty and guaranties. I've had my tire replaced once due to a pothole, and there was no questions asked. It's nice that the warranty is included in their price. They measure the remaining amount of tread on the damaged tire and pro-rate the replacement tire. No worries and peace of mind!
  6. You may be confusing the dvd/cd changer for the dvd drive with the navigation dvd. They are two separate systems. I'll send you an email with more info.
  7. Do you care to elaborate on this "glitch"? This would be the first I've heard of it.
  8. By nav unit I meant the display. My mistake. As all wire splicing is done behind the display, I thought that would be obvious.
  9. Nope, hybrids no longer work with 8.1 in Gen5, and no longer work for 7.1 in Gen4.
  10. Which version do you currently have? That will mostly determine whether the upgrade is worth the money. It is mostly a map database update, with some firmware change depending on your current version.
  11. I could imagine the previous owner may have made some "adjustments" to the wiring to the nav unit. If you are out of warranty, I would pull the nav unit out and inspect the wiring. Perhaps there is a loose or cut connection back there.
  12. Perhaps a few more details would allow better diagnosis of the problem. Reason you removed disc? Where are you inserting the dvd? (into the drive in the glovebox I hope) Any error messages? Any other problems with audio system?
  13. Hey Tom, Didn't know I could host them in the post! Much easier as well. Edited my previous post to include the 8.1 updates in the first two pdf's, separated by generation. The third pdf is the 7.1 file with all generations found inside (quality is bad for the third pdf).
  14. I have the pdf's for the 7.1 and 8.1 updates. I'll send you a pm with my email address. Send me an email and I'll send them to you. That way, you can decide which disc is best for you. 2008CY_Gen23E.pdf 2008CY_GEN45.pdf Lexus_Nav_7.1_Update.pdf
  15. If you find data missing or incorrect, I would update. Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it.
  16. The cost of a loaner (for warranty work lasting longer than a day) was already priced into the what the OP paid for his new Lexus. He shouldn't have to pay any "surcharge." @Randy&Bonnie: Actually it does specifically state that Lexus will provide a free loaner in the warranty. Yes I agree that $5 is a small amount, something the OP is not disputing. I would say it actually reflects more poorly on the dealership charging $5 though, than someone asking why they were being charged $5.
  17. You would need to get a generation 4 navigation dvd for your 2006 GX470. The navigation drive is located under the front passenger seat. I would recommend sliding the seat all the way forward to get the most room. The latest version is 8.1, but you could save a substantial amount of money getting an earlier version like 7.1. You should check the updates included on the 8.1 to see if it is worth it.
  18. Tried my hybrid 8.1/5.1 disc in a 2009 ES but it didn't work, so it's back to the drawing board. Lexus must have changed the 8.1 firmware to not allow any downgrades. That's my story!
  19. Override must be done each time after you pull the key from the ignition.
  20. Are you selecting the correct region in the Lexus settings?
  21. Thanks for the update. I may have to try Rallye Lexus, though Lexus of Queens was oustanding with their last service (though it did take them 3 days to fix the rattle, they finally fixed it), the manager and receptionist were very pleasant.
  22. I'm sure you can find all that information on lexus.com in the owners section. Sign up for a registered account there and you can even see the your car's dealer work history.
  23. I've only seen the problem in generation 2/3 drives, especially in the earlier years. Perhaps the lenses back then weren't as strong or reliable as the current ones, or they have deteriorated over time. If you're looking for OEM discs, I would say ebay or craigslist would be your best bet. I have an OEM gen5 7.1 and an OEM gen4 5.1 that I should put up for sale soon in the classifieds.
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