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  1. i did notice coolant coming out of the radiator cap where the red lever is. i don't see how this could be the head gaskets already. i just put this motor in and it only had 96k on it. does anyone know if i put the thermostat in right?
  2. so today i put a new thermostat in hoping it would fix the problem. i went for a ride and the coolant overflow tank is still boiling. i hope i didn't put the thermostat in backwards. i put it with the spring facing towards/inside the engine. any ideas??
  3. today i was parked idling for about 20 minutes or so and i noticed my temp gauge was higher than normal so i shut the car off and opened the hood. i noticed that there was a small hole on the top corner of the coolant overflow tank and the coolant was and the coolant was boiling and coming out of the hole. i'm going to patch the hole but that doesn't explain why it was boiling. i drove home and it stayed at normal temp. i kept it running and opened the hood to see if the fan was working and it was. anyone know why my car could have got this hot?
  4. i recently repaired my burnt out needles at work with a bunch of surface mount LED's. when i installed the needles the worked and then all the lights shut off. now i can't get any power output for the needle lights. anyone ever have this problem and know how to fix it? are there fuses in the cluster?
  5. I need a new gauge cluster for my 95 es300. my heat and gas gauges are both not working and i can't get them to work. anyone have one for sale?
  6. i just took my gauge cluster out to fix my gas gauge and reinstalled it. ever since i put it back in the all cluster lights stay on even when the headlights are off, key is out, car is off, etc. anyone know why this is? I unplugged the cluster from the back lastnight so the lights didn't stay on and when i woke up this morning my batter was completely dead.
  7. i realized that my odometer and tripometer don't work at all either. does this have anything to do with why my gas gauge won't register? any ideas??
  8. Yeah, I can't remember where the needle was so I can't get it to work at all. I keep putting gas in my car and the needle won't move. I didn't even repair the gas gauge needle so I don't know why its doing this.
  9. Thanks, I hope it starts working again. Wow, you have a nice collection of cars.
  10. My gas gauge won't go up or down since i did the needle repair. The gas light also keeps coming on and off and i know i have a half tank of gas. anyone have this problem and was it a broken gauge?
  11. I have done the DIY needle fix on my 95 ES300. Problem is, when the car is off the needles don't go to Zero on the tach and speedo. They go up to about 3k on the tach and 50mph on the speedo. Anyone know why?
  12. I'll have to get a way to recieve a fax. Maybe fax it to my mom's job. I'll get the number from her.
  13. Thanks for the info, but what is "TSB AC006-96" kcpartsguy?
  14. Thats awsome to hear. Mine is also a 95. People were saying they were soldered in. So they screw in?
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