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  1. Hey guys: I have a 2006 GS300 with a bad front headlight leveling of the pins is broken off due to corrosion. I'm not willing to pay dealer prices for a replacement sensor and I can't find anything reasonable on Ebay. Is the GS300 sensor that different from the other Lexus sensors? Has anyone tried the Dorman 924-755 as a replacement? I also need a female connector or tail for the sensor. Does anyone know where I can buy a new one? Thanks
  2. 1992 SC 400...I'm looking for a new driver's side power window switch, or just the printed button of the switch (with "auto" printed on it). Can anyone help me with sourcing this? Thanks
  3. From the door frame. Thanks ← Did you get this taken care of yet? If not, there are 6 bolts. 3 on the upper right that holds the motor and 3 that hold the regulator. Once the 6 are taken off, you basically have to work the regulator and motor loose. It took me a few minutes but it finally released. ←
  4. Guys: I think I have a window regulator problem in the driver's door of my '92 SC400. I heard a pop from inside the door while driving. I've removed the door panel. How do I remove the regulator? Is there an aftermarket regulator anyone has used with good results? Thanks
  5. I recently had my SC400 jump started by the local automobile association. The tech used a battery pack for the boost. He then looked at my battery terminals and saw that the negative was corroded. I turned the car off. He cleaned both terminals. Now when I sart the car, there is a beep after a few seconds that I think is related to the Lexus phone that used to be installed in the car. Also, the steering column phone controls are now activated again. Is there a service code that has to be punched into the car to de-activate this feature? The weird thing is, I had a timing belt service done a
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