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  1. it should be located right behind the front cam cover. Most likely if I am remembering right is a hose that runs towards you and makes a 90 degree turn downwards into the PCV valve hole, it should be kind of loose or wobbly, so you will know what to expect. Also seafoam into that hose will clean out that motor, i did it and found better mpg's. There will be a new PCV valve at your local store for about 3-5 or maybe more dollars. Pop the old clogged one out, and put the new one in. Also to improve your car's performance put in a new fuel filter. Its pretty easy and they are both neccessary for your goal. happy shopping
  2. my 97 es300 will go the redline before it shifts sometimes, its nice, now I need a turbo so I can beat the other cars out there. Dont you love how you can smoke a little turbo civic without a turbo in yours. lol
  3. r u 17 years old? i would die if my car had a hit like that
  4. i really want a new bumper, it has a few scuffs on the side, and my buddy purposely drove slowly into my rear bumber when we were stopped at a light, he thought it was funny, **** GRRR. well he didnt do much but put 2 nice bolt marks in the rear bumper. Is there a way to have my 2 tone car turned into one tone? have a pro paint the bottom panels, or am i stuck with wut i got?
  5. well let me say something here. When it rained up here in wisconsin nonstop for 2weeks, i was out having fun in all the puddles which were everywhere flooding the streets. I drove into a big puddle and the a/c light started blinking. maybe a belt was slipping, you could be right. thats what happened to me, i wonder if your a/c needs to be recharged?
  6. yeah it should work, if you didnt know already, your ES is actually is a camry, but all pretty and spoiled with different makeup. At lexus dealerships, there really isnt such thing as a genuine lexus part, but it is toyota genuine parts. Lexus is made under toyota, so your actuator should work in your ES300. My right side door needs one in my 97 es300 also. It should do the trick
  7. Hi guys I am 17 and I have a 97 ES300. My Aunt is my mom's best sister, and our favorite Aunt. She gave us this car becuase we were always babysitting and watching their kids often because they are the vacation type. We received it in 2003 and it was driven by my mom and 2 yrs older sister for a few years UNTIL I GOT MY LICENSE >:^) . The car is the best thing we have, but I appreciate the car as it is, the only upgrade I have made were hella whites. but I love this machine
  8. are the battery terminals clean? if they are full of green or yellow or odd colored powdery stuff, you may need to get a wire brush battery post cleaner. For 2 bucks, it should remove all the crap. It should fix that problem unless the cables are rotted out. How many miles are on this 97? i have the same year, but dont have this problem. You should add some seafoam into the tank so it can clean out the fuel lines, do a few times with following instructions. add at every fill up for about 4 times or more, just to increase efficiencey and ensure that the lines are clean so that the car doesnt lack fuel and run to lean and die on you. You should also have your fuel filter replaced. If this is helpful at all let me know.
  9. sad stuff, I would cry as well. My ES better not do that.
  10. MAybe the P1705 code is going to show up if you scan the car. Direct clutch speed sensor, it might not be working anymore, my car's sensor wasnt doing its job, i would shift at like 4500-5000 rpms until I got it replaced, It has been shifting smooth and sooner than before. Try to see if this is the case.
  11. my abs and trac cntrl light is on all the time, the trac light flashes, cant stand seeing blinking yellow lights, but I like the car without these features, except in snow lol.
  12. I would too, but i always hit my fingernail; they are trimmed short cuz im a guy, and i hit the steering wheel and it roughs up the steering wheel's soft surface, I hate that. I want one too. Check ebay or craigslist for parts or steering wheels.
  13. Gee, take it back and tell em you want either your $$$ back or fix it for free for me.
  14. there has to be something that would cause it to refuse to operate. Maybe the A/C needs to be recharged. other than that i could be wrong. SOmeone should be able to help you out
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