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  1. Hello friends! Got an issue. I recently had a new motor installed into my IS300. It is throwing the CEL saying theres a EVAP problem.. I checked all the vacuum lines, etc.. and cant find anything. Also checked the gas cap. I do see an air port that says something about 1psi only, so I dont want to mess with that. Any suggestions or tips welcome. Thanks
  2. 1. I am in Houston, TX 2. The asking price for the motor as a whole is $600 or BEST OFFERS or parts 3. My motor is used and had 130K when removed from my 01 IS300. 4. My name is Reginald and if you have any questions you can text/call me @832-683-8834 or email me, because my number will be changed soon. 5. Buyer is to pay s/h cost. The motor had 130K miles on it and was driving when it was removed from my 2001 IS300. Never ran hot. I installed a new motor because the timing belt broke and i replaced the head but the bottom in was making a noise. My mechanic advised that it
  3. has a complete 2001 IS300 2JZGE motor or sale or for parts

  4. Does anyone know where I can find this gauge cluster at a nice price?
  5. Well today I was bored so I changed the brakes on my new girlfriends mustang....after thinking for a while I pulled my IS into the garage because it was raining hard the other day and the water ripped the underbody plastic loose on the front and drivers side. It was flooding around town. After doing that and lookin up some TRD support brackets for under the car....I thought about the alarm and what SMOOTH said about the trigger on the hood latch. I followed the wire from the latch and what do you was CUT!!!! This was the PROBLEM I had some speaker wire so I just soldered i
  6. Correction: You can use Royal Purple MAX ATF in your car and it will not harm. It actually helps big time. I have used nothing but RP to replace the fluids in all my high performance cars and believe me....its great.
  7. Just seeing if anybody knew where the triggers are? or if there is a hood trigger?
  8. Your local salvage or
  9. I dont have a valet button. Its the factory alarm. I uninstalled the other alarm which was only a remote start/keyless.
  10. Where are the triggers so I can check cuz its still going off...
  11. Thats the look I would like to have.. I heard Eibach is a great brand of suspension. The wheels come like that in the box. They are iodized. They also make blue and black lips.
  12. XXR Wheels XXR 006 18x7.5 (2.5" Lip) 42mm Offset Nexen N5000 225/40R18 88H M+S Stock suspension No Rubbing
  13. ok. cuz I waited 30 seconds and it didnt work.
  14. Have someone sit in the car. You walk away and lock the doors with the remote. Then have the person inside open their door. The alarm should go off. How long should they wait before they open the door and what if it doesnt go off?
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