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  1. Not sure if this works with your model but a comma is also use as a pause. One comma is worth 2 seconds of pause, results will be different for various devices and phone networks.
  2. I have also wanted to do various upgrades, after talking with Lexus, various car installers and what not. The Lexus will require a 100% componet replacment for all the options you listed. non-of the devices are designed to intagrate into new products with out a great fight. If you know what you want then you best find what makes it work across the board. I repalced the speakers and the amp, I will wait unit the head unit fails before replacing something that works.
  3. My amp recently went bad along with the Sub woofer. I have researched this and already have a plan to replace these two parts. I realize other speakers will follow, but would anyone know if the Pioneer head unit to a 94' LS400 (Pioneer 626P) is a low or high freq output unit? This is the last item I need to know for the replacment amp. I can't find any data on this topic from any resource. I have located a cable kit to ensure minimum impact to the factory wiring. I have also found the wire diagram with color codes for this repair, I will be happy to provide this to anyone in need. Any help would be great. Thanks, DTSGY
  4. My fellow Lexus owners, I recently watch all the training videos (free to view) from Meguiar's web site. I did the hole nine yards from start to finish. The clay to the final wax and detail. Holy Smokes! Strongly recommend this product and process to get that new car look again or to even just ensure your paint job looks deep rich and sexy. Check it out. Use the RX feature, they will recommend both product and procedures for your area and the current condition of your cars paint. Good luck
  5. First I greatly enjoy this site and the great questions and answers this site produces. Let me say you all are great members, thank you. Now some topics, not sure how some of you feel but I think to keep the car in mint factory condition is the best. I am having radio issues, at time the sound comes and goes in three of my door speakers. Had it look at from a local professional installer (Car Toys). I was told and have read on this site, one of the biggest issues is the source out from the head unit and the plug configuration. Well I am going to have cutom cables made that will not damage the current cables and still provide the correct connections for an aftermarket amp. Any suggestions there? Replaced the OEM hood Struts with a pair from AutoZone, simple and easy. They feel good and strong, may not last as long but I will simple replace them when needed. Its a great feeling to fix something if its is a 5 min. repair. Rear sub woofer is blown, was told I can find an open truck woofer any more. Todays woofers are built to be inclosed. It won't break the bank to go this route but I am looking at this option Vs. to have the factory Bose rebuilt. ($100.00) Motor works fine but the cable that pushes my antenna up and down broke, so any suggestions there? LCD display, I will get this repaired for 295 at a factory repair place here in Texas. As well as have all my button lights repalced, why wait. I plan on Seafoaming the car here soon, heard great reasults and looking forward to this. I am still looking for some interior plastic parts, does anyone have some ideas there. Can find some parts online at all. Again love this site, I will post more and by the way the factory repair place does do LCD and much more. I will post thier number tomorrow when I get it from my office desk. DTSGY
  6. Yes, Cuman is right I recently replaced those in my A/C and head unit. I live near the plano location here in Texas. Would be happy to help you get them if you like.
  7. Not sure when this feature started, all I know is this is or was a feature on my LS 400 94 model.
  8. Yes the battery has been changed about four months ago. Is there something that needs to be reset?
  9. I posted a notice about finding a company that will repair the Climate and Clock display. They ask you to send in the A/C control panel and 295.00, for that they will replace the display and return it ready to use. I also found out they repair radios and rebuild factory speakers to OEM specs. I am finding out that basiclly they can repair any electrical componet that has OEM repair information available. If anyone is interested let me know so far they have been great to work with. They have been able to give me great advice on the factory security system to ensure proper capabilities are still working plus some improvements. I am getting ready for a major sound system overhaul. Next on my list is to address the outdated phone unit, any ideas out there?
  10. At one point and time I was able to place my key into the door from the outside and turn it clockwise and close the windows and sunroof by doing this. Now it doesn't work, any ideas or maybe suggestions to address. Fuse is fine, no recent events that would affect wiring I don't think. Car is a LS400.
  11. Working on a 94LS400, I am eeking various interior replacement parts. I am attempting to fully restore the interior and I can't find certain parts. Door trim, the molding that holds the buttons to the seat that is found on the door broke, the little sun shield that is above the rear view mirror is broken and so forth. I enjoy this website and have found fantstic answers and ideas I hope others benefit from this question and replys, any ideas were to find parts?
  12. I have a 94LS400, I will be replacing the factory speakers for various reasons. Either sun damaged and so forth, I have heard various opinions on this topic and I am putting it out here for review and comments. I have been given links to sites that suggest sound proofing the car. I like this idea even for a quit ride from the sound of car travel. But it adds to my question of should all this be done at one time. Question: Since the rear woofer of a LS400 is open to the trunk, would creating an enclosure help produce greater sound? Or simple speaker wrapping around the woofer. Would this idea hold true for the doors? Is it better to control the air around a speaker than to let is operate free and unrestricted. I have heard about every opinion for both yes wrap it and no leave it alone. Has anyone attempted this and what were your results? If there is anything I enjoy its great rich sound.
  13. I have located a company call Factory Repair in Texas. I have spoken with a person there that has told me they repair all factory items for the Lexus and other models. They specialize in radios, however they also repair or replace with refurbs items such as factory speakers, temp control displays and insturment panels. I will post the results on this venture soon so my Lexus colleagues will have this as an option if they are what they say they are. FYI those with factory radio issues, they told me no problem they repair and return all in dash factory radios. Including the amps. let you know soon.
  14. No I use the term floating perhaps wrong. The car ride is great but when I turn the car seems to really lean with it. In others word very little resistance from the suspention when tunring. Not the performance ride I desire or recall it having. The car was stuff but yet had a great ride back in the day, turn seem to just come and go now the car seems to just struggle through the turns. The car stays level, however it just seem to really give into the turns. Would anyone know the factory height so I can determin if the springs are going. I know I can stif ride from shocks but I would hate to buy shocks and see bad springs shorten those.
  15. 94 LS 400 - I feel like the ride of my LS is begining to feel like its floating, if thats a term. Any suggestions as to a possilbe performance upgrade or compatable replacments that don't break the bank?
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