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  1. I wish there is someone out there to hack/modify that remote start to be smarter.... Hardly see any mods, I guess the car is just to damn expensive for anyone (including myself) who are willing to mod. I know I would like to keep my car as stock as possible.
  2. :) I got the 2011 GX 460 with factory option remote start. To Start: you have to press the lock button 3 times and at the third time you will have to hold it for like 3 seconds. What's bad about it, in my opinion, is that: - there is no indication whether or not the car has started on the key fob - when you enter the vehicle, the engine will shut off, having you turn on again. So it is not a feature I would pay for if I had known this before purchasing.
  3. Hello Cons: - 30 FT range - Engine shuts off when entering the vehicle Any one here know how to custom program the car to NOT to shut down when opening the door? Thanks :)
  4. Hello I have the same exact problem. I just got my GX460 a week ago. I didn't notice any of does sound until I played with the 4H 4L function. If you find the problem, please post. Thank you
  5. hello I am also looking for a seat cover to protect the beige color of the seat. Is it possible if you can take a picture of your installation. Thank you :)
  6. Hello Just got my GX 460 2011 a week ago. I have been noticing loud engine fan noise at cold start when I accelerate. This happened right after I tried on the 4H 4L function. I shifted to 4L at "N", however I shifted back to 4H at "P" not knowing that I suppose to shift it at "N" also. After that, the engine fan started to sound very loud. I have not notice any loud fan noise when I first drove the GX460 few days ago. I know it seems to be a stupid question, but do you guys get loud fan noise driving from cold start. Also, does the fan runs constantly? (because my other cars' fan stops aft
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